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- it eliminates whiteheads completely - makes the skin healthier - lifts the skin - it doesn't dry out ...all if used correctly! In smaller amounts. If used correctly, this can be your miracle cure. To tell you the truth- i have eczema/dermatitis and i have small bumps that flare up on my forehead, chin, nose and around my nostrils. But I also have some whiteheads and some blackheads. In just three days of using it once a day(putting two drops of it in my moisturizer

By rjavolaska,

- The smell is not horrible - The consintency is great - I was burning so much, felt like thousand wasps on my face - My lips were a little bit swollen - My face was super red - I was peeling (but not EXTREMLY; just because i have been using this only for 4 days) - I just felt like my face is going to "melt away" I guess I am allergic to BP or my skin is just so sensitive. I wanted it to work! I am so unhappy now. I really believe it works (still), I guess I

By rjavolaska,