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  1. Hey, there! I didn't really read well just went through quickly, because I am in a rush and decided to answer you quickly, might just help you! So, what you are planning to buy is way too much of everything...BP, sal acid, glyc acid...Your skin is probably already in a shock! but to bring in acids... I wouldn't do that. Your skin will be dull, no color, ... Instead of acids, try to use sth nutritious for skin, sth beneficial, moisturizing,...What I am talking about is jojoba oil. The thing
  2. Yeah I have the DDF SPF lotion from the same lady and asked on the off chance about the Fade 4 gel, was amazed when she said £15. Will see how I get on with it and report back, starting using it tomorrow on the red marks that have been here for a few months Hello, wanted to ask about how's DDF lotion working for you(Chloe_1)..I know it's a long time since you posted it but I really need to know since I am on tane too and I need to know how's working for people on tane... I hope you repl
  3. Hey! I am also very interested in this cleanser...I read somewhere that this cleanser gets rid of all the redmarks! I am also in accutane and I think using this-as much as I would like to-is not a good idea because if I just squeeze my skin and hurt my skin with my nail, skin would come off(it happened and I had this big mark, but luckily it went away because I used emu oil) and that is just how my skin is sensitive so I wouldn't really try to mess with it right now. A month or so after tan
  4. Hey, i have the same thing! Started when the temperatures outside got high, so i assume that it's because of the sun and heat, my derm looked at it and told me it's because of the sun. Reaction to the sun. But said nothing else. what's that suppose to mean? should i automaticly know what to use? What to do? Summer is just starting and my skin is extra sensitive. I hope it's not an allergy? What do you thing guys? Please, tell me if you still get those bumps after accutane! Please.
  5. Thanks for replying. :)