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  1. Ending it tomorrow morning at 7 AM...going to have a little fruit for breakfast, maybe a few peaches. And then some cucumbers for lunch...gotta come off it slow.
  2. I'm on day 4 of a water fast. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it after yesterday, I felt like crap but today is completely different, I feel way more energetic. My acne is terrible at all, actually if I told someone I was doing a fast to clear my acne they would probably call me nuts. However my acne use to be severe, severe enough to go on Accutane, which completely cleared me but it came back after like 9 months of being off it, and it was no where near as bad and came back slowl
  3. Been eating like crap this past week and I haven't even broken out yet. What gives? I know that as soon as my appointment is over I am going to break out. I have never wanted to break out before and now that I kinda do and wouldn't mind it, I'm not. And now that I am doing everything in my power to ensure I do, I'm not breaking out. I got like 1 zit on my face right now. My face has looked a lot worse than this in the past couple months when I was trying to stay clear. I have had cheese, eggs,
  4. Appointment set for November 5th. Hopefully I can start on November 8th. (Appointment is on Friday, if she puts me back on it (which I am confident she will) I go to get blood work done. I can get it done that day and than they got to fax it to there. And she have to call in the prescription. As long as I am starting by November 15th I am fine. I want to have it done with and over with by Late May, because my 21st birthday at the end of June and I plan on doing a ton of drinking this upcoming su
  5. Had an breakfast sandwich this morning with egg turkey and cheese damn that tasted good. With some chocolate milk and scrambled eggs. Also had an ice cream cone. Called my dermatologist there wasn't an appointment available for awhile so the person on the phone patched me thru the medical assistant so they could find me an earlier appointment. I am going to eat a ton of dairy until my appointment. Hopefully I can get in by the end of October and be on this stuff by the start of November...That
  6. Im done with this. I am just going to eat what I want when I want. Just had 2 poptarts. Calling derm tomorrow getting an appointment and getting back on accutane. I am just going to eat anything. Gonna start with diary again. No limitations. Expect me back on here in December to start a accutane log. I just can't keep up with this.
  7. I realize they are but its natural sugar, not other crap. Maybe I can eat sugar and just stay away from gluten. I don't really feel like testing it though because of the success I am having.
  8. No dressings on the salad ether, freshly squeezed lemons work though. Drink 100% juices and a ton of water. No junk food, high sugar foods ect. You should be good, be prepared to lose about 15-20 pounds even if you weren't big to start, be hungry a lot, and loss energy. But if thats the price I gotta pay, so be it.
  9. Eat fresh fruits in the morning Eat salads for lunch and dinner at night. What I have been doing the past two weeks.
  10. And I would kill to be able to eat the things I like again. Its a trade off I make. I have been watching what I ate since April, just I decided to step it up a notch the past couple weeks.
  11. I need to find something more filling. * I am going to look into some gluten free bread (anyone know where you can get it cheap) and some almond butter for sandwiches. * I don't dare eat the meats at school because of how they are prepared. Doesn't stop me when I am home at all though, I love all meets. * I am going for dairy free, gluten free, low sugar foods (any good ideas?)
  12. Breakfast: Strawberries Peaces Banana Apple Orange Juice Lunch Salad (Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Celery, few onions) freshly squeezed lemon on top of it Water Dinner Is going to be the same as lunch. Monday-Friday I really stay on track. Its when I go home. Wish I could just eat food like a normal college student and enjoy the desert bar that is available (brownies I miss so damn much) and soda. Oh well its healthier for me anyways.
  13. Breakfast: Some Strawberries slices Some peach slices A few Orange slices A Banana A Apple Lunch: Salad (Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, a few Onions) with lemon juice on top. Dinner: Salad (Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, a few Onions) with lemon juice on top Snack: Had some fresh fruit, there was some grapes, melon, and some other things ha, not exactly sure.
  14. Today: Turkey Carrots (Think there was some butter on the Carrots) ----- I was at my brothers didn't have much of a choice. Banana and some water melon + some grapes tonight didn't eat heavy today at all wasn't hungry. Back at school which means i'll be having fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch + dinner til Friday. My skin will defiently benefit. I got one or two small zits right now. Face kind of feels dried out. Oh yeah. I cleanse with Clearasil Gentle Skin Cleanser for Normal Skin