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  1. surely this means the ibu gel is a better treatment than a preventative? i need to choose between the ibu-gel or panoxyl, which I have had in the past... :think:
  2. hi all being based in the uk this would be great for me if it works but i have one question, does anyone who gets good results with the ibu-gel previously got good results with dans products? i am currently using the BP and aha which is proving to work well. i wonder if anyone has successfully converted from dans BP to the ibu-gel and maintained their complexion. id like to use something that doesnt require expensive shipping or bleach my favourite clothes! cheers
  3. hey everyone been reading this topic with interest, seems like its worth an attempt for us UKers. i did wonder though if anyone thats had success with this had previously tried Dans regimen? Id like to find some working products closer to home!
  4. thanks a lot for the info. with the st ives apricot, despite its name, i dont actually scrub just smooth it over as i would any other cleanser i use these days, gently as possible. when i think back the awful things i used to do to my skin, treating it with respect has probably yielded the best results to date. just a shame i didnt realise sooner. im about to purchase some of Dan's AHA as i need some more BP anyways...despite the current exchange rates! you would recommend using aha instead of
  5. thanks for your response. theyre flat and not sensitive to the touch but appear (or dont go away) once the skin has smoothed where acne was previously a problem, which led me to believe that it might be the spot taking a long time to clear. im currently using the St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub about once a week, would using this twice a week or more be recommended? ive heard that it can be quite an irritant to the skin. also does that contain/is an AHA?? im happy that my acne has gone into some
  6. hi so ive been on the regimen just over 2 months now and have definately noticed a lot of improvement. my skin is smooth probably 90-95% of the time but i am experiencing little clusters of red breakout type lesions in my problem areas. at first i though they were the acne slowly working their way out of the skin but they seem pretty persistent. i saw the initial improvement (was very happy with that) then it went downhill a bit and got some breakouts after week 4-5 and since then my skin is sm
  7. DK Regimen - Week 3 Its now been 3 weeks now using the regiman (this update is a few days late) and ive had a few more breakouts. Could be to do with other things going on, had little sleep of late due to deadlines and the bit of stress they bring too etc. My skin's probably not as bad as before I started the regimen but I expected it to get a little worse after a couple of weeks. Most annoying are the ones on my forehead and around the temples, I can tolerate them for now, I've got faith they'
  8. DK Regimen - Week 2. So end of the second week on the regimen and after a few cysts and small temple breakouts things have again improved. must be about the same as one week ago, although my cheeks have cleared a little. my lips have become very dry but that is easily remedied with vaseline or lipbalm. the blemishes on my cheeks are disappearing and my forehead overall is continuing to improve, usually when i see an improvement its only temporary and after a day or two of feeling better about m
  9. thanks for the suggestions people! So it's been a week using Dans regimen and I have to say I am pleasantly suprised and so far progress has been good! my skin complexion feels and looks healthier overall, got a couple of nasty spots on my left cheek that aint budging but the (previously) mega breakouts on my forehead seem to be reacting positively to the treatment. I havn't done myself too many favours this week, been eating some things I know aren't good for me, so perhaps I could have had e
  10. Hi all, So I decided after trying most other things to give Dan's regimen a try. What have i got to lose right? I know nothing will probably 'cure' my acne but im more than happy to put some effort in to maintain it best I can. Anything is better than looking/feeling like I have for the past 9 years! I just got the 16oz kit to get myself going and see if the ingredients in Dan's products are the difference. But does anyone based in the UK have any reccommendations of good cleansers or moisturi
  11. Hi, Like LifeGoesOn I just ordered everything (16oz) to hopefully kick my acne into some sort of submission. Having tried pretty much everything else I thought I'd get Dan's kit just to see if it works, then replace the moisturiser and wash with some suitable UK based alternatives. I don't mind paying the customs etc for now as I just want to get rid of my acne, but the thing that stung was the ParcelForce 'clearance fee'. 24 quids!! I'd rather go and pick it up from the airport myself! Not a
  12. Hi, I've suffered from acne for the best part of 10 years now and have been prescribed pretty much everything the doctors could give me, all the usual anti-biotics and topical creams that everyone's had. None of which have had a significant effect. I've had roaccutane twice having finished my last course around a year ago and while my acne came back after only a few months each time it was far and away the most effective treatment I've had, not to mention the happiest times of recent life due t