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  1. havent posted here in a while cause my acne was finally clearing up during summer and all those sunny days.. but now the winter is coming back im definately noticing a big change...chin acne !!!! last year during wintertime i had it too i always got whiteheads on my chin and it just looked like a mess cuz i couldnt shave there nothing... during summer it cleared up real good and now its coming back!! even the right diet which ive been doing for a long time wont even help! chin acne is probably
  2. hi i want to start taking multivitamin pills not only for acne but for overall health but i know that ''acnegenic'' people should be careful with what multivitamins to buy could someone tell me which ones are the best and what ingredients to look for and to avoid... thanks
  3. and please do not advice shampoos conditioners or whatever this is beyond the phase of getting it fixed topically.. i have these cysts popping up on my scalp out of nowhere! first i thought sugar was the cause which it still is but it seems that they just wont stop even after ive stopped eating sugar... sugar only makes it worse but without sugar theyre still there and new ones coming up every day... its good you cant see them but it hurts like hell.. i couldnt sleep for the past few days cuz w
  4. im afraid it will destroy all the roots and i would eventually go bald.. i have like severe scalp acne.. first i thought it was because of my long hair so now it cut it really short and apart from the fact that its now showing like hell it didnt even get any better... the cysts come up everyday on my whole scalp hurting as hell sometimes i cant even sleep on the side of my head of the back its hurts like hell... what kind of a disorder could this be now? i mean ive got face acne and back acne m
  5. well this person told me that you can consume eggs as many as u want.. now i guess 4 a day is way too much considering that ur eating them everyday? but since its either eggs or meat and eggs is much easier to make i go for eggs but i guess too much is not good either?
  6. I must say that this is not really for skin purposes more fo rlosing weight, a friend of mine said that all you eat for 2 weeks is eggs and meat.. you basically dont get any carbs intake at all... which makes you lose weight like crazy.... now i was wondering, im still struggling with acne.. with this diet of cooked eggs and meat only do any harm for my skin? thanks.
  7. i was wondering... if you cut out sugar from your diet but still eat a lot of fruits like watermelon prunes apples and such, are you still gonna get weight cause ive heard once that our body doesnt see the difference between fructose or tablesugar.. to it its all the same so i was wondering is it as bad, thanks.
  8. I ordered this from this company lef.org great company by the way but yeah i was wondering.. does anyone hae experience with this? they said it was their best fish oil available and it cost me 32 bucks so it better be good... I ordered mine a few weeks ago.. at the time they only had the one without the olive fruit extract Super EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract 120 softgels Item Catalog Number: 820 Super EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans & Olive Fruit Extract is from a
  9. hi well my mom just got salmon from the market its fresh i guess and you can just eat it like that but i can taste all the salt so i was wondering is it iodized salt because if so then it will lead to break outs since iodine does...
  10. I was gonna look for older threads on this topic but the search option didn't work so... Anyway, there was this special on MTV on celebrities and how they diet and what kind. I know it's mostly all hype and a hollywood thing... but The Zone diet was very popular among celebrities as well as the Atkins, South Beach and the Perricone's Prescription. Perricone's Prescription, has anyone been on it? It's supposed to work anti inflammatory.. you only eat foods that don't create inflamation, like sal
  11. sj, i couldn't find the old diet thread, oh well, we can make this the new one.. anyway, my chin is still not doing great, still inflamed and breakouts...maybe that's because i haven't completely cut on dairy and wheat, it's just i don't know any other stuff i could substitute it with...i also got some white tea since its very high in anti oxidants.i also read that blackberries and cranberries are good for acne cause they're on the low glycemic index and are also quite high in anti oxidants, so
  12. i may be wrong, but i don't think having cheatmeals on a daily basis such as mac donalds wouldn't do any harm...depends on the person i guess, but i wouldn't really recommend having big macs on a daily basis.. as for the antioxidants in fruits... most of us forget that most of the fruits have been sprouted and what not, unless you get the organic ones, otherwise i don't think the fruits are really that high in antioxidants and all the great stuff in them after they've been sprouted...but then ag