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  1. Oh and ninja, I'll post a pic of my mom's semi permanent lashes. There Xtreme lashes. You will fall in love! Plus they just came out with a more curled version! No work at all. And extreme lashes also sell there own heated eyelash curler espically made to not melt the adhesive that holds them in. They use surgical adhesive to hold them in. And I wear full sets for parties/clubs and they look so good. I put the adhesive on them and stick on my natural lash line. Then curl them with my heated cur
  2. ^Nope the semi-perm ones dont ruin your natural lashes at all. B/C out lashes fall out (I believe) about every 4-6 weeks and new ones grow in. So they naturally fall out. And even if you want to pull 1 out that is maybe bothering you it wont rip out your real lash. I pulled them gently out if I had to get 1 out of the way bc it was drooping into my eyeball. And if you ever want to add some falsies for a little "uummphh" the glue is not harsh at all. Just loosen the glue by applying some warm wa
  3. I didn't see any posts *well recent ones* about fashion/style? I love fashion. I have my bachelors in Fashion Merchandising and am trying to build clientelle to become a stylist/personal shopper. Theres a good site I've been going to for years if anyone would like to check out for new styles and for inspiration outfits or for fun. It's www.mystylediary.net People from all over the world have their style pics showcased there. I love to look at other countries styles. Espc. Japans and Europea
  4. I'm a eyelash freak! Have you guys heard of/gotten semi permanent lashes done yet? I did and they looked so gooood! But were close to 400 bucks and unfortunatley lasted only 1 month, grr. But when I either dont wear the semi permanent ones or falsies that I put on daily if I have time, I use Lancome Hypnotic mascara. I've tried a lotta mascaras out there and ive been asked at least 3x if my eyelashes were real when wearing it and 1 person who asked me was a make up artist. A cheaper alternativ
  5. Me: Olive complexion with very light blue eyes and very dark brown hair. I'm dark Irish:)
  6. My facialist always recomends Bare Minerals bc it is light and natural. You can also fall asleep in it and it wont cause havoc on your face. I bought a kit a few years back but I don't even have acne and didnt like the foundation. The foundation seemed more like a concealer for me. i m a full coverage girl lol. I'm not sure if either of these 2 would be good for your skin but they do provide good coverage. Try a solid cream foundation that you apply with a sponge. Like covergirl aquasmooth or
  7. Orignial poster: I took it from what IMOP now was mild acne. I've much more severe acne on some of the boards posting pics. I was 13 when I took it and am 25 now and haven't had acne since. Some occasional break outs recently. I thik bc I stopped my birth control... But I didnt have any side effects, except for dry lips. Its been 12 years clean after 1 treatment. No side effects at time nor after, as far as I know. And my acne was mild but persistant and I hated it. I was most liekly on a low
  8. Donna, I believe it was a low dose. I'm jsut thinking that bc i virtually no side effects except for chapped lips and i was young. Plus compared to others my acne wasnt severe but im still glad i took it bc my life would have been so different if i countinued to look like what i did. i just am a personn who is very hard of themselves and i couldnt look in the mirror. Another reason i believe it was a low dose is bc i had a pretty strict derm. but i dont know for sure. im going to mention it to
  9. Before I plop down a chunk of money has anyone done or know ne1 who got laser treatment for stretch marks which are scars, deep in the dermis. Thats why creams and gels dont work on them, they have a layer of fatty tissue over them. I got them and im 25. There about 2-3 months old and have stopped appearing. I tried merdma didnt do a thing and if I'm goign to spend money I want it to count and make a difference. I was rec. Fraxel. I read about how red you guys got and all that. I could handle
  10. What type of skin do you have? Like, sensitive, pale, tan, olive, dry? Jus twondering what my reddness factor might be...
  11. I don;t have acne, but have a few under the skin pimples (Iguess thats what they are) and my derm rec. levulan treatment. But I don't think i need it. I was going to do it for my oilyniess and larger pores. Which, honestly , i dont even really notice lol. I jsut cant really afford to be stuck at hoem for days to heal. Even though I dont have sensitive skin and hav a olive/tan complexion I'm afraid. I got microderm done today and was just red for about 20 minutes. Pretty much back to normal no
  12. Hmm, I took Acutane when I was 13, in 7th or 8th grade and now I'm 25 almost 26 I didn't have anything happen to me. Every single pimple cleared up and I was left without any scars. I do remember dry lips , thats all. But, I read your post about your heart condition and I'm wondering if anyone knows if I could still suffer any negtive effects from taking accutane 13 years ago. The reason I'm concerned is because I found out im March I have a small heart condition. I found this out as a result o