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  1. So here's my deal....24 year old female, never had bad acne until I was 21. Have had my hormones tested several times, bc it has always been thought they were the culprit...always within normal range (?) So I was in good control until last September, when I had a horrible breakout. It was awful, HUGE cysts like I have never seen before, uncoverable. All I could think about at work were them and I never wanted to go anywhere. Well, as depicted below, after about two months I started getting my ac
  2. My derm told me to wash with salicylic acid before i apply the retin a....and told me to use BP in the morning. you cant use anything with BP in it before you put retin a on b/c apparently BP inactivates retin a. I would say as long as your skin tolerates it, there should be no problem adding to your regimen
  3. Just curious...what was your free testosterone level prior to starting Spiro? Mine is 63 (high normal) It was 42 about a year and a half ago...still with persistent acne not responding well to other treatments. My derm mentioned spiro so i am wondering if she will prescribe it or not (i have to wait a few days to hear from them) Also, for what it's worth my DHEA was 142.
  4. start out using retin a micro every other or every three nights....also moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more!