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  1. I take nothing seriously, it is both a blessing and a curse. I never get made fun of because of my acne because mostly I beat everyone to it. If you are an outgoing person in general, I can guarantee people will not make fun of your acne. Introverted people are much easier to make fun of. I can enjoy a doog joke about anything, except something linked directly to the death of someone close. Be it racist jokes, dirty jokes, jokes about my acne, jokes about my penis size. You tell it, I enjoy it.
  2. That would be an awesome idea haha! I love it.
  3. Two tablespoons every morning, two tablespoons every evening. You should definately try it out for some time.
  4. Count me in! I think I might end up giving up within a week haha. I will give it my best shot.
  5. Wall-o-text. But the parts that I DID read were awesome. Props to you my friend, and congratulations.
  6. Im not exactly sure what you mean. Every morning I talk myself into growing a pair. Then I grab myself by my newly grown pair of balls, and head out to face another day. In the end it really doesn't bother me monumentally, although it would be nice to get rid of it.
  7. Creatine isn't a steroid and wont cause any health problems unless you've had them previously. Although I DO consider creatine cheating! What happened to good old meat and fish? I find it quite sad/pathetic that people get fit by living on pills and powders.
  8. I think that together it will be too much, and extremely irritating. Say No To Tea Tree Oil And Benzoyl Peroxide. Read Wynnes guide on taking care of cysts.
  9. I leave it on overnight. But you may want to start off by leaving it on for 1-2 hours. is it an ibuprofen pill? i thought ibuprofen for acne was supposed to be used as a gel Yeah it is a pill Sorry for not mentioning that. There isnt a difference in the ibuprofen molecule, it will be the same in the gel and in the pill. I personally haven't used the gel, and I happen to have pills around just for relieving pain, so I decided to use the pills.
  10. Hmm.. Well since you are back on your regimen... Have a look around the nutrition and holistic section. Since the products are the only thing keeping the acne at bay, then there is something wrong. My guess is that you don't want to rely on those products for the rest of your life. I recommend you get a food allergy test, cut out dairy/gluten/hydrogenated oils. Start taking fish oil, multivitamins, and possibly zinc supplements, and any other supplements which have been known to reduce acne (all
  11. Stark, have you tried drinking ACV? It has worked very well for me in preventing acne.
  12. I guess you are sort of "right". Although you shouldn't get upset over it. Karma WILL get them