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  1. Day 33?

    So today I re-read my accutane box. It says to take 20mg twice a day. I totally missed that! Haha. It said to do that after a month. So it's been a month and 3 days. So I'm start on 40mg a day now. Dear god. I hope I don't break out even more! *sigh*

    So here are some pics. *Sorry they're quite unattractive lol*

    Also, here is one with me and make up last week... and I didn't even smooth it out on photoshop! lol :dance:




  2. day 20?

    I think its day 20, cant remember lol

    My lips are dryyy.


    I have blackheads all over my back, chest, breast area, shoulders and face. Will they ever go away while im on accutane?

    Also Im going to a party tonight and will only be drinking 3-4 beers. Havent drank in like 2 months.

  3. Not sure. After I typed my last message I fell back to sleep LOL.. judt woke up again.

    Its not really a breakout. You know how you get those tiny little bumps that are white? And if you squeeze them it's like a white worm coming out? =\ LOL *no I did not squeeze them, I used too)

  4. day 7

    its been a week! woot lol

    i went downstairs this morning and mother was like "your face looks smoother" XD!

    Last 1-2 days i've been feeling like i cant breathe, like something is clogging my airways. Not sure whats going on there, but i'm running out of breathe easily the last few days. *shrugs*