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  1. Not sure what day it is. Maybe 46? Not sure. But yuk, my face is gross and my back is breaking out more now, since i've take 40mg a day. It's quite gross. AND I CAN'T HELP BUT PICK AT THEM!
  2. Day 33? So today I re-read my accutane box. It says to take 20mg twice a day. I totally missed that! Haha. It said to do that after a month. So it's been a month and 3 days. So I'm start on 40mg a day now. Dear god. I hope I don't break out even more! *sigh* So here are some pics. *Sorry they're quite unattractive lol* Also, here is one with me and make up last week... and I didn't even smooth it out on photoshop! lol http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/5797/16391239rs0.jpg http://img528.im
  3. day 25 face is getting bad. BOO! and i was squeezing blackheads alot last night.
  4. Day 23? Lips are so sore and dry! I'm starting to breakout around my jawline. Blackheads are 3D! GROSSS.
  5. well i had like 5 beers and a tequila shot lol when i first started drinking it made me feel hot and yuk but it was fine after. i just feel sleeping and such as always from drinking lol
  6. day 20? I think its day 20, cant remember lol My lips are dryyy. QUESTION I have blackheads all over my back, chest, breast area, shoulders and face. Will they ever go away while im on accutane? Also Im going to a party tonight and will only be drinking 3-4 beers. Havent drank in like 2 months.
  7. Well I just washed my face, and there is no breakout or nothing new except my red scars and some scabs still.. and those little bumps! >.< My lips are incredibly dry! I washed them and they started bleeding.
  8. Not sure. After I typed my last message I fell back to sleep LOL.. judt woke up again. Its not really a breakout. You know how you get those tiny little bumps that are white? And if you squeeze them it's like a white worm coming out? =\ LOL *no I did not squeeze them, I used too)
  9. Haha, might try the bandaid thing =D Also, I forgot to take a tablet yesterday, cause I worked for 9 hours on no sleep and got home and fell asleep and didn't wake up til now. Will it matter?
  10. day 18? face seems to be getting more bumps and such yuk.
  11. day 16 feel like im breaking out abit around my jaw chin and near my ears. like not white heads, but blackheads and i pick at them, then they turn into whiteheads. hrmm
  12. Here are photos for 2 weeks. Sorry I just woke up when I took these. Be scared lol
  13. day 14 same dryness and such mum noticed a difference she says my face is smoother and my shoulders are getting heaps better! i hardly pick anymore =) photos tomorrow!
  14. day 13 woke up and lips were heaps dry and i think im starting to break out! =( YUK! well it doesnt help that im picking too.
  15. day 12 lips are so dry and so is my facial skin! it sucks putting make up on lol
  16. day 10 lips are so dry! boo! they are starting to hurt now too also face is dry. and just the usual picking.
  17. Day 9 Face is still heaps dry. SUCKS! Also my blackheads are being pushed through and making lumps. SO I decided to help them come through by squeezing them ROFL.
  18. GROSSGROSSGROSS! My face is heaps dry! *sighs*
  19. Day 8 Face is feeling heaps more dry and same with my lips. Boo! However face is looking heaps more smooth =)
  20. Thanks Rai and Jackey =) Lol I tried soooooooooo hard not to pick. I can't help it. You can tell on my face with the scars lol God bless foundation =D
  21. day 7 its been a week! woot lol i went downstairs this morning and mother was like "your face looks smoother" XD! Last 1-2 days i've been feeling like i cant breathe, like something is clogging my airways. Not sure whats going on there, but i'm running out of breathe easily the last few days. *shrugs*
  22. Ooh bandaids on the scabs! GOOD IDEA! I'ma buy some tomorrow lol Yeah I can tell the texture of my skin has changed heaps in the last 6 days! It's amazing. God bless these tablets lol
  23. day 6 I can tell my skin is getting smoother, like when I put my foundation on its all smooth and you can barely see the pores anymore which is good. I just gotta stop picking!
  24. OK, I've put a scarf around my face so I don't pick. Hopefully that'll kick the habbit lol