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  1. The same thing happened with cysts happened to me in the first week or 2, which is why I stopped using it. Your post makes me want to try it over again and stick to it.
  2. Haven't seen you in chat for ages sir!

  3. Sounds good, but you might not even need to use the moisturizer/jojoba oil at night. Also, you should probably wait a few weeks before using the AHA, so that you don't irritate your skin too much.
  4. If you don't have a credit card or anything, go to the post office and ask for a money order made out to Daniel Kern for the amount that you owe in American dollars. Then you put it in an envelope with your invoice (so he knows what products you ordered). It took me about 2 weeks to receive my shipment using this method.
  5. This is why it's better to use AHA by itself as a nighttime moisturizer, and not apply anything afterward. In the morning you should just use the regular moisturizer/jojoba oil.
  6. That sounds about right. Public bathrooms seem to be the worst because of the fluorescent lighting, but I'm not sure what the deal with car mirrors is.
  7. Mixing a few drops of jojoba oil in with some Cetaphil moisturizer would most likely fix any dryness or flaking. Also, you should stick with the regimen, as it takes some people 2-3 months to see results.
  8. I've been using this as my BP part of the regimen, and around a full finger's length seems about right. You may want to use a bit less than that for a bit, since you are starting out.
  9. It should be able to work best on mild to moderate acne. From what I've read, it probably won't work on severe acne though.
  10. I was taking it, but stopped after about a month because my skin was becoming too sensitive. In addition to that, I didn't notice any improvements, and I felt that it interfered with my diet too much.
  11. Face. You can cover up your body, but you can't really cover your face.
  12. Yeah I feel like this too. I think most of it is in your head though, and people don't really care that much.
  13. So you didn't see any improvements at all until a few months in?
  14. Gaaah, I know right? It takes sooo long and my acne isnt ever major. I spend more time treating my skin, than I do actually getting ready in the morning. Yeah it takes me around an hour too, but it has to be done.
  15. You might want to start slow since you were only using a cleanser. The BP gel will probably dry out your skin more so than the cleanser would.