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  1. Looks a bit like hypertrophic to me. It's still fresh at 2 weeks, so give it a while to see if it subsides. Luckily it looks small and manageable!
  2. Also, check out the link "Good Things for Acne" in alternativista's signature. It sounds like acne mounts some serious stress on you. I'm sure you know that being overtly concious and stressed over your skin is truly not good for it, at all. In fact, my state of mind was perhaps the most crucial factor involved in clearing my 9 years of acne.
  3. Curry composed of: Chicken, onions, red bell peppers, garlic, cumin, tumeric, corriander, yogurt, chillies, salt and pepper. Straightforward and delicious. Feelin' good.
  4. Chunky, excellent post. May I ask why it is that everyone dilutes ACV? Is there more to it than the taste of it? I normally just take it through a straw, and lately my dosages have been quite high (5 modest sips a day)
  5. I've never heard of Culturelle, but check somewhere on the main page for Chunkylard's amazing guide to Kefir. Sauerkraut's another option. If your son can tolerate dairy, some well sourced yogurt might work too. But know that probiotics alone will most likely only contribute to the overall clearing. I'd seriously advise you to check out this thread: Good Things For Acne
  6. 3 days is nothing. Just keep it up! Btw, you don't have to only drink water. Do you like herbal teas? Even pure cocoa probably won't aggrevate your acne unless you can't hack caffeine.
  7. I'm all for listening to my body, and I don't pay heed to fad diets, regardless of what they say. I do what I know works. But still, it's very possible that people won't clear from eating solely fruits and vegetables. Intolerances? Allergies? Besides, why would you want to avoid nutrient-dense foods like fish, meat and eggs unless you really dislike them, have problems with them or avoid for ethical reasons?
  8. Yes. Many people. The board is full of them and there's a thread right there at the top of the forum listing many past members and their stories. Sorry, that was worded wrongly on my part. It's edited now. In fact, my own success story is in that thread.
  9. Have you tried raising the standard of certain things that break you out, such as the meat, fish, dairy and eggs? Try: Fish: wild caught. As far as I know, some species that are farmed are rather fine to eat. I believe it's more the case when it comes to creatures with shells. Crabs, for instances. Meat: Grass-fed, organic etc. Know anyone who hunts wild game? That's as organic as you can possibly get, and free! (kinda) Dairy: Generic, pasteurized dairy products break me out too. But raw dair
  10. Some of your statements are pretty concrete, and I think your personal experience is seriously affecting what you claim. How can you possibly consider a healthy diet to be a sudden ubiquitous "cure"? For starters, dairy: in its pasteurized form abundantly sold in supermarkets, yes, many will have problems with it, hormones, antibiotics etc. But this tripe is on a whole different plateau than the likes of raw, grass-fed dairy products. I can actually procure grass-fed butter from just about any
  11. When the first signs of acne sprouted, my diet was woeful. I was never fat as a kid, and always active, but unfortunately my fuel consisted of mainly processed foods. My sweet and biscuit intake was quite shocking, really, and I'm surprised I only ended up with one filling in my teeth (I thank the sunlight for keeping my teeth as healthy as they were). My acne got progressively worse until around the beginning of this year, which was where I drew the line. At that point I had acne everywhere, ra
  12. Good luck, man. Eventually a good pattern comes naturally after you set yourself a schedule. I go to bed early now without being concious of it.
  13. That's definitely not good. I've seen many people here report that sleeping times and patterns really affect their skin, myself included. It's just natural. 12 hours is too much, I'd really imagine, especially if you're waking up in the late afternoon like that! If you choose to sort your sleeping pattern out (which I think everyone would agree on) then report back with any results.
  14. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a lot of supplements if they're helping you. And the 6 supplements he/she is taking aren't in particularly high doses. Why not get the nutrients from real whole foods, besides supplementing becomes expensive. Because it's probably not going to be feasible if you require certain vitamins/minerals. You'd have to eats lots of a particular food, for instance. And due to modern farming practices, a lot of the nutrient content is lost.
  15. For what it's worth, I've always found it works better when I take it straight, honestly. I just use a straw so it can't reach my teeth. I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering despite healthy eating, but there is so much more to it than that for some people. Stress, sleep, exercise, intolerances, allergies, topicals - all important.
  16. I hope you don't mind, but may I ask if you know what causes the insomnia? You've got a super clean diet, and I believe I've heard you speak of regular exercising before, so I'm just curious to what it might be. Even though I have similar habits, it can take me a while to finally shut down, but I believe it's more due to an overactive concious. Ireland doesn't prohibit raw milk, but it won't sell directly to consumers on the high street and in supermarkets. I'll have to hunt down a farm or p
  17. What time is late? The most important bodily functions that occur during sleep will peak between 10pm-1am, so I just go to bed around 11-11.30. Sleeping in late may also be problematic, especially if you're not getting much sunlight in general. You want to aim for as much natural light during the day, and then curb any artifical light during the night.
  18. ACV destroyed my skin on the outside, even when I diluted the solution significantly. It was at it's worst when I combined it with baking soda before applying it. I think I just crossed the threshold of what my skin can handle. However, taking it internally has really, really cleared the redness from my skin. I've only started doing this recently, as I'm already clear of acne. It's getting better each and every day. I take about 6 sips a day, before and after my heavier or higher carb meals.
  19. Colourful veggies and fruits with anti-inflammatory properties - leafy greens, berries etc. Antioxidants - spices are an easy source - cumin, oregano, rosemary, chillies et al. Probiotics - if you can handle dairy, by all means procure the good bacteria from yogurt. Limit sugar - bread, pasta etc. Some people may even need to limit fruit intake. Berries are always a good choice though. The rest is really just the obvious stuff - good, proper sleep that leaves you refreshed. Exercise properl
  20. I'm with uncle buck. In fact, it'd be better for your skin than some sedentary office job because of the continuous moving. Obviously do your best to avoid the temptation of fast food if it breaks you out.
  21. Thanks for this, Auto. I created a short topic on Sangre de Grado last year, but soon dismissed it for reasons I cannot remember. Will look further into this.
  22. This sounds awesome. I'm going to look further in to it!