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  1. I've started a regiment of Differin .3 Gel at night, but I have very dry skin and it can be too much so I was wondering if I could mix the Differin with another lotion? Would that diminish the effects at all? And I have two lotions, CeraVe Moisturizer and Alpha Hydrox Aha Enhanced. If it is safe to do, which of the two would be best to mix it with?
  2. Thank you, but I've already tried azelaic acid as finacea and sodium sulfacetamide, both with very little improvement, if any. I have also tried differin in cream and gel form. I have tried them each for months at a time so I don't think patience is the answer. The antibiotic cream sounds interesting, I might have to look around and see if I can find a name for it.
  3. I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I have an appointment with my derm tomorrow and I was just wondering if any new acne perscriptions have come out recently that I might be able to ask for. I have been on almost everything at this point (except accutane but I don't want to go on that), but no luck in finding something that helps me anymore, at this point, my derm and I are just going back and retrying things I've used in the past. So, anything new out there?
  4. My derm gave me samples and prescribed neobenz micro wash which is a 7% benzoyl peroxide wash, and it seems to be really helping but before I go out and spend a bunch of money on it I was wondering if I could just buy a much cheaper OTC 5-10% wash instead and get basically the same results?
  5. After being on sodium sulfacetamide for the past 3 weeks and having a seemingly bad reaction to it I've decided to go back and try the Tersi Foam (Selenium Sulfide) that I was given beforehand but never given a real chance to try before being switched. I did a search around and couldn't find any real reviews on selenium sulfide being used on the face so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it?
  6. I've been using a sodium sulfacetamide lotion for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed that my acne is worse than it was before I started. I tried searching for information on it causing an initial breakout but I couldn't find much on that, so I was wondering if anyone has had it happen to them in the past or if it's actually just a bad reaction I'm having to the stuff?
  7. hey, i'm not sure if this is the write place to post this, if it isn't i'm sorry. i have to go swimming tomorrow, but the problem is that I use lotions for my face for acne and dryness, and some mom for oily skin. I'm not sure what to do because they'll most likely wash off in the pool, and I have to go somewhere important afterwards. Any suggestions?
  8. thanks, but i've decided that i'm going to make an appointment tomorrow. my acne has gotten alot worse since my last appointment, probably due to the summer weather, so i'm going to ask for different meds.
  9. i'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, if it's not i'm sorry. i went to the dermotologist about a week ago and was given a new medication (sodium sulfacetamide lotion). I've been using it since then and I know it's supposed to take time to start working but not only am I still breaking out, but the lotion makes my face incredibly oily and has small white clumps. My question is, is it too soon to make another appointment with my dermotologist to get something else? It's usually o
  10. usually if you go to your insurance's website they'll have a section that'll tell you who accepts them. and my dermatologist is david arbesfeld in rockville center, if that helps any.
  11. I'm a guy, and I'm looking for something I can use for red acne spots and the occasional zit, but I really don't know what to get. I did read the stickies and other posts, but they just wound up confusing me even more. Also, my forehead and cheeks are two different colors, if that makes a difference in anything.
  12. just controlling oily skin, and he did warn me that an astringent could do more harm than good and cause more acne. that's why i asked the question, is that the only thing that would do anything for oily skin?
  13. I just came back from my dermatologist, where I asked him if there was anything that could be done for my oily skin. My dermatologist told me that the only thing I can really do is to use an astringent like witch hazel, and that's it. Is that really it, or is there something more I can do?
  14. about a month ago i switched from differin to ziana, and recently--about three or four weeks--i've started to break out badly. the thing is, i'm both switching from differin and this breakout is worse than the IB I previously had on the differin. is this just an IB from the ziana or do you think it's just not working? if I switch back to the differin now, after a month of non-use, would it start working again or would I have another IB from that?
  15. usually I just shower and put on a moisturizer before I go to the gym and after wash up and put the retnoid on. also, showering before you exercise is a warm up for your muscles.