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  1. Hello all, Anyone out there using the method from www.natural-acne-treatments.com website. If so, please give me your feedback. This method is basically trying to balance your body hormones so cure acne for good. It sounds too good to be true. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. I have used the product myself. It did clear up my acne for a while then my acne come back. In addition, the cleanser scrub is too harsh for my skin and result in red botch on my face. I don't recommend continueing the product, but if you must, then may be only use the cleanser at night.
  3. I have acne for years, it usually go away for a while then come back worst than before. Recently I start search for acne products on the internet and come across Derma Cleanse. I read the description and it sounds pretty reasonable. But I wonder if anyone out there using the product. If so, please give me your feedback. Appreciate so much.