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  1. Just a quick update. Things aren't going too badly. But what has really helped is a massive cut down in alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fat, processed/refined foods, red meat and fizzy drinks. They all seem to make the redness worse. Plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise helps. Just give it time. Senn
  2. Hi all. Just wanted to bump this thread. I've been on tetralysal / lymecycline 408 for about three months. Works well actually. But I've got to keep up a healthy diet (no sugar, no fat, no greasey foods, no spicey food, no caffeine) then it works even better. But the general pink / red appearance of my face is still bothering me. It isn't so much flushing like embarrassment, it's completely constant. It's always there. Any ideas? Senn
  3. Many thanks for the responses. No I have not tried anti-histamines. Maverick, yes, diet has some effect. If I had a bad few weeks (alcohol, fatty foods, sugary foods) then it does seem to get worse. However, when I am very strict and eat a good varied diet including lots of water, fruit and vegetables, it does get better but never disappears completely. I will look at the forum you suggested. Thanks, Senn
  4. I am very grateful for the last few replies. Thankyou. I will look into the points raised. Senn
  5. Well thankyou very much for the response, xquis3t, I appreciate it. I'll certainly research into the points you raised. Does anyone think a course of enemas would help? Senn
  6. Hi, thanks for your response. I am leaning towards saying no to your question. The reason being, the UK is not a particularly sunny country anymore, and my redness has been like this for a good year or two (through the seasons). Also, the back of neck would be in view of the sunlight but this area is "normal" colour.
  7. Hi - thanks for your reply. No, none of my lotions contain SPF. Senn
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for viewing my thread. Like most of us here, I have battled acne since my early teens. I am 22 now, I recently bought my own house, work is heavy and demanding, and life is different to when I was living with my parents! My battle with acne has seemed to turn one problem into another. At first it was bad on my back and neck and I had break-outs on my face from time to time. From the ages of 13 to 18 I had tried several medications. I was prescribed Accutane but never actual