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  1. I think the last thing someone is gunna want is being reminded that they have acne, they could be feeling good about themselves and thinking they are clear or more clear then usual then "you" or some random person comes up to them on the streets going "Hey I see you have acne! I used to as well but after going on this regimen..." You might not say it like that but still I dont think anyone wants to be reminded they have acne, and im sure most people that have looked for any kind of help with it
  2. Lol, I seriously doubt masturbation is a direct cause for acne. Maybe SOME people get acne when THEY masturbate, but you cant just flat out say "If you masturbate, you will get acne." Think about it, basically every guy you know masturbates and/or has sex. Are you going to tell me that people with acne are the only people thats masturbate? Seriously doubt that
  3. These ideas might of been said I didnt read all the posts but: Use less BP Use more moisturizer Drink as much water as you can, then a little more I know that when I started peeling and flaking bad, all I had to do was back off the BP and use more moisturizer and I noticed the difference the next day
  4. Well I used that Neurtogena BP stuff you can buy in stores for over 2 weeks before I started buying Dans BP, and I can tell you that for ME it started clearing me up better then the Neutrogena ever did just 2-3 days after using Dans. Ive been on it for 3-4 months now and besides the occasional break out (which is like 2-3 pimples at MOST) Im perfectly clear, im sure your skin wont have any problems adjusting to Dans BP, at least mine didnt!
  5. Ya the word really needs to get out more about this site, I remember seeing this site posted on some gaming website in one of the forums, thats how I found it. I wish anyone that has acne could see this site cause its so helpful : ( Ive become 100 % clear with this site and probably never would if I hadn't of found it, and I think everyone should know about it!
  6. Well when I first started like 2 months ago I had moderate acne It wasnt to the point where it was like covering my whole face but It was getting there so I knew I had to do something. I started out with about the full finger that Dan shows (I know your not supposed to, but I had used retnin-A and other BP type products a Derm had perscribed so I thought my skin would be pretty used to it by now) after a few days my skin was pretty red and peeling a good amount and I just mosturized in the morn
  7. Ya I had the same problem with one that exploded , plus the package took longer then it was supposed to get here so they were going to send me an extra bottle in addition to the 2 I originally paid for. When it got here there was only 2 and one had exploded/leaked or something, so I send them an email telling them what happened and they resent my orginal order of 2 bottles PLUS 2 more bottles for free with Priority shipping, so I ended up with 5 and a half bottles (the one that exploded still h
  8. Well I got the reply to the email I sent earlier and it looks like they are going to re-ship all THREE tubes with Priority. So I started out paying for 2 tubes, and I'm going to end up with 5 (4 and a half if you count the busted one), so Im pretty pleased. Looks like I'll be ordering from them again, they went through a lot of trouble to let me know what was going on with my order and why it was late and compinsated for it.
  9. Well I just got the two tubes I ordered in the mail today, well over a week after I first ordered them with Priority shipping. One of the tubes had been cut or erupted during shipping im guessing and lost about half the gel, and I was also promised a free tube due to the long wait and I didnt even get that. :[ This was my first time ordering the gel (ive been using on-the-spot which has worked good, but hasnt cleared me up 100 % so i wanted to give this a try), and it wasnt a very good experie
  10. Maybe its also because most of , if not all the people in Olympics are full grown adults and wouldnt suffer from acne either way.
  11. Well I just checked my email and got one from Custome Service saying that the person was out of town and they have been having computer problems recently but they are trying to reolve the issue now :]
  12. Oh ya heh I live in Florida\ Ive also sent 3 e-mails with no response yet :/
  13. I ordered 2 tubes of the Gel, and today will be at least day 7 , I cant remebmer correctly, and I still havent gotten it, but I paid for Priority 2-3 day shipping :[. Anyone else used this shipping method and had problems with it before? Kind of pointless to pay the extra money and have it take longer then most people who paid for 1st Class shipping it seems like.