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  1. I've had the isolagen/subsicion/n-lite package with dr chu and have been doing TCA cross myself. See the old isolagen threads for my results. It must be 2 yrs since I first saw dr chu for isolagen and I am still really pleased. I hardly visit the boards now because I'm so confident about my skin. (I do still have acne scarring, the scars are still there albeit more shallow and smaller, but the improvement has been tremendous. By the way, I've had subcision 7 times and it's been worth it ever
  2. Hi Liz Are you the same Liz who was interested in excision a couple of years ago? I think we were in touch then when I told you about my treatments by Dr Lowe. Anyway, I've had isolagen, subcision and n-lite done by Dr Chu. I am really happy with the results. Please see the Isolagen threads for further information. You need to manage your expectations because isolagen doesn't eradicate the scars, just makes them look a lot better. Dr Chu is great - highly professional, sympathetic, not mo
  3. Lola


    I had definite and permanent scars from Dr Lowe also. But not from Dr Stanek and not from Dr Chu. Dr Chu's point of entry has been from the side of my face (which I can't see very clearly) so I cannot be 100% sure. However, if there are permanent scars, they are extremely small/shallow and nothing in comparison to the improvement I got from subcision. My last subcision was just before Christmas and I just checked very carefully before replying to this thread. There are very slight marks (ex
  4. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for 4th & 5th because I was one of the first patients although I was originally told that I would have to pay (can't remember, maybe something like £500 each). I am thinking of having another but Dr Chu recommended subcision first as it is cheaper. I'll probably have subcision in December and depending on results, perhaps another Isolagen a few months after.
  5. Rupert, good luck with your Isolagen/subcision treatments with Dr Chu. It is now approx. 6 months since my 5th set of isolagen injections and I am still very happy. As a result, I seldom visit the boards, hence the long silence. I have posted on various threads in the past (do a search for Isolagen) and although many of my scars are still there, most have become smaller/less deep. (I had a mixture of everything, rolling, icepicks, boxcars, little picks, craters). Nearly all have improved, w
  6. I am happy with the results (5th set of injections about 2 weeks ago). I would say an overall improvement of about 50%. I've tried various treatments in the past e.g. CO2. If I had to start all over again, I'd go for subcision then Isolagen. Dr Chu's package is very good value for money. The n-lite and subcision are to enhance the results of Isolagen and subcision also breaks down fibres tethering the scars down. I've seen various drs in my time and spent a lot of money. Dr Chu is profes
  7. dcychanhk: I speak fluent Cantonese and I can assure everyone that I didn't get a discount or any special treatment. Just very good treatment for the money I paid, from a very good doctor.
  8. Persephone: I didn't need a GP referral letter for Isolagen but perhaps you need it for other treatments because when I made the initial enquiry (via the appointment number), I was told that I needed it and there was a long waiting list. Drychank: what strange remarks. He isn't from Hong Kong and I don't think he speaks Chinese (although I do). I think he grew up in England and speaks perfect English.
  9. Sorry, I can't remember what number on Harley St., maybe no. 95 but do a search on google because they have a website. I didn't have many red marks at the time because I had CO2 but I think it does help. Goo luck!
  10. I had a course of 6 or 7 to get rid of redness/lots of red vein after CO2. There was a very good improvement but you need to ensure that they turn the setting up every time. I can't remember what setting they used but the low settings didn't help at all. And there was NO difference to indented scars although my skin texture improved during the first few months because it promotes collagen growth.
  11. There is a website called something like skinlaserdirectory.org or something similar. It listed hospitals/doctors with different lasers although I suspect the list wasn't comprehensive. You could find hospitals/drs near you from this list, and phone them to ask if they have v-beam. Dr Nicholas Lowe, Cranley Clinic in London recommended this for my redness after CO2. He quoted £1800 for the cheeks plus £350 to do a test patch. Apparently, your skin can look really bruised after treat
  12. For the first year after I had CO2, my skin was extremely sensitive and I often had red, swollen or itchy parts for no apparent reason. I think it was sensitive to shampoo, face products, soap, etc, etc.
  13. Great to hear your news guinea pig! Had my 4th set of injections yesterday. My boxcar scars still looked quite obvious becase they had "rim" around them of what I assume is white scar tissue. I mentioned this to Dr Chu who used some sort of cauterising machine (the tip of it looked like a wide flat needle). This is the part that got pressed against the "shoulders" or edges of the boxcar scars. A litte blister should form and drop off within the next few days and hopefully, this will make
  14. I perservered for a few months but it broke me out every time. Also, I didn't have the time to massage it into the scars several times a day.