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  1. so fucking true i notice that my face itches more because something having to do with the world being in slow motion like because ur face feel weirds because of the way you see shit in slow motion
  2. i to felt like this i would always b hearing things as if people are talking shit or like i could hear what theey are saying when im high i can just sense shit its crazy im jus like u i think cuz it makes shyt slow motion
  3. What is a good way to get rid of the red marks from benzoyl peroxide...i put moisturizer but it doesnt do anything
  4. okay i noticed that when i let water sit on my skin for a sec it absorbs and than it looks like it is making my skin look better is their a certain way to wash for dry skin?????
  5. Bro i totally feel you on this one i used to have clear skin freshman and sophomore year of highschool and when i came back with alot of acne junior year my freinds didnt talk to me like they used to and my bestfreind a guy stopped talking to me because he though i couldnt get "girls" nomore because we used to b flirting with girls all the time but fuck him hes a fake freind and i dont have space for fake freinds in my life. Acne made me understand stuff about the world, i bet you if any pretty
  6. dude just stop giving a fuck what people think i go outside without a care i dont give a fuck what people think thats how i live i dont care
  7. lol if i can stop covering my face with my hand than you can live life, what someone told me who gives a fuck what people think and ever since that day.......
  8. under my eyelids its all dark what can i do to make it go away ...... from bp
  9. b a manwhore and mess with every single girl out their lol...........i kno but i deserve it
  10. well i have acne.org moisturizer but i have been using aveeno daily moisturizing lotion moisturizing in the morning and than again in the afternoon like at 4 a clock than i sleep it off i dont wash my face because i dont break out i keep the moisturizer on all night than i wash with a cleanser in the morning that is my regimen i am gonna get a moisturizing cleanser i been using a foaming cleanser that exfoliates gently
  11. MY problem isnt acne its dry red swollen lookin skin i only get little breakouts they end up going away
  12. Thats what has been my regimen thats all i have been doing recently seeing improovements little by little it willl probably take a month or 1 month and a half for my skin to turn to normal using this regimen but F it imma just keep putting moisturizer on and leaving it on all day and doing something to occupy myself i will post when i see dramatic improovement
  13. Look man just look ur best all the time shave haircut nice cloths and your good if they look at u dumb fuck those happyflowers bag fucks and get swoll so that if enyone talks about ur acne u can break their neck lol .....dont break their neck jus make their face look worser than urs