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  1. I started using a DE razor, and I've noticed that while getting a closer shave, my face isn't breaking out nearly as bad. I use a Merkur 34C handle with a Merkur blade, Proraso shave soap, and I do it after I've showered. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out, but now that I'm getting the hang of not nicking myself, I'm liking it. I use witch hazel as an after shave, and it's been great so far. Takes a bit more work than the electric, but it's worth it.
  2. I've been a picker since I was a teenager. Somehow, as much as I try to remind myself that they might not get all noticeable, I still pick. This week, I think I finally had a scare that really made me think about what I'm doing. I had a spot on my elbow that's been lingering. It may have been a zit, but it would get swollen, and sometimes I'd pick and squeeze some pus out. It was actually doing reasonably well until Sunday, when I went after it and picked at it. Big mistake. Monday
  3. I've gone back and forth between wet shaving and electric shaving. I went back to wet shaving a few weeks ago, but instead of canned shave gel and a Gillette disposable (Fusion or Mach 3), I went old school. I got a double edged safety razor, Proraso shave soap (contains eucalyptus and menthol) and a badger brush. I slap some witch hazel on as an aftershave. I'm starting to wonder if my electric was causing me more irritation, because my skin has been doing well since I went back to wet s
  4. Some time ago, I forgot my password. I still have the e-mail with the new high-security password, but whenever I try to change it, it just says it failed. I've tried logging out and logging back in. It would be nice to use one I can remember.
  5. I wonder if low vitamin D or a lack of sunlight has been affecting me. Been lousy weather the last few weeks, and didn't see much sun. My skin hasn't been doing so well and had some big spots on my chin and forehead Saturday and Sunday were sunny and much warmer, so I was out sanding my neighbor's deck for an hour each day so they could paint. Now I notice my skin is looking much better. Coincidence?
  6. I'm starting to think it may have been a significant contributor. I replaced my morning coffee with decaf over the last week, and my skin was improving. Friday I broke down and had a large coffee, regular kind. Saturday I got a sore bump on my jaw and one on the back of my neck.
  7. I think I was getting too much caffeine lately, I would often have 4-5 cups of coffee a day. Noticed I could still be wide awake at 2 AM, then finally crash and be really slow to get up in the morning. On top of that, my left eye would get spasms several times a day. So, starting this weekend I limited myself to one cup of regular coffee in the morning, and if I get to craving some in the afternoon I'll get decaf. I can certainly get to sleep easier, my twitchy eye isn't twitching, and my
  8. While I managed to change my diet, increased fruits and veggies, and I'm reducing refined sugar, I had a little bout with the plumbing not working right, apparently not getting enough fiber. Suffice to say, things got stopped up in an unpleasant way. I started taking some psyllium seed fiber (generic Metamucil), and things are much happier now. Would that have affected my skin?
  9. I sure hope this lasts, a few days into it and I'm already seeing improvement. I had one tiny bump form on my cheek, but some BP has taken care of it rapidly. Even the remnant from a large one I picked on my temple is becoming less red. Changes I've implemented: Get more fruits and green vegetables with meals No pasta or pizza Whole wheat bread instead of white No Coke No junk snacks from the vending machine Soy milk instead of whole milk on my Cheerios (yes, I'm learning soy milk i
  10. Thanks all, I'm already seeing the effects since cutting back on the sugar. There is less redness, and the deep ones are going away nicely. I have one tiny whitehead that developed on my chin, but I'll take little whiteheads that disappear quickly over the deep ones that that get large and inflamed. Also trying to cut out dairy, since I suspect that's not doing me a lot of good either.
  11. After some epic zits last week, it dawned on me that I had junked out on pizza for lunch at the cafeteria, had spaghetti for dinner, visited the vending machine and had junky snacks, and cut back on fruits and vegetables. I was reading a couple of threads here, and actually did a Google search on "sugar and acne" and found a wealth of information. This week I'm trying to leave out the spaghetti, no pizza, stay away from the vending machine, and get my fruits and veggies. Riddle me this, Bat
  12. Is it true that BP gel will bleach hair? I have a zit on the back of my neck, and I'm afraid to put BP on it because it's in my hair. Anything else I can do for it?
  13. Ugh, major setback last week. I had a huge cyst on my temple, and I went after it. Big mistake. Big mistake number 2, a bump above my ear. I went after that one, making the top of my ear very sore. A little stressed because a play I'm co-directing lost one of our cast members last week, and the only one who is somewhat familiar with his lines, knows his blocking and can replace him is me. We open in less than two weeks, and that's how long I have to memorize his lines. Now that's another r
  14. Day 4 My face is looking much better. The spot on my neck is going away nicely. I'm starting to wonder if the 10% BP gel I was using was causing more problems than fixing; I was running low and bought Neutrogena's 2.5% gel, which seems to be working much better. I just wish I could use it on the sore one on my scalp, but my hair is in the way. Seems like such a simple idea; don't pick and they (usually) don't get to be nasty, red spots. Wish I had figured that out 20 years ago. At lea
  15. Day 3 So pleased with myself. I had a sore spot forming on my cheek. One that I would have been tempted to go at. Despite still being a little sore, it never looked like much. Just treating it with BP gel and it seems to be going away quietly.