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  1. well im asian too and i used hydroquinone in the AcneFree Scar Fade and Erase form and results turn out pretty good you could always try it if you get the chance im interested to see how palmer's fade cream plays out
  2. wat is your take on hydroquinone? today i saw something called palmers eventone fade cream and it looks promising but have you tried it?
  3. im in a sort of a predicament, i have both mild acne AND brown post inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots (PIH). i have asian skin so our PIH spots dont exactly resemble white ppl much because of my acne condition my physician prescribed benzaclin/differin as a combo. when im using them i find i dont have much time to treat my PIH spots. so my question is do i continue to attempt to treat PIH inbetween benzaclin/differin? or do i let the acne medications do their own exfoliating work and stop t
  4. so im confused is hydroquinone cancer positive or no? hmm that sounds nice. lemme ask you: 1. how do you apply it? 2. do you just leave it on and not wash it off until facewashing time? ( i find it makes my face a little shiny) 3. when you mean smooth, does the bio oil actually smooth out those tiny bumps on your skin? (i have no idea really what they are but i suspect them to be premature blackheads) 4. have you actually had a constant looking complexion yet using the bio oil? i mean, does it
  5. i am not sure about glycolic acid products as i have never tried them or seen them before, however i have checked the reviews on this website and they seem to be pretty pricey isnt glycolic acid another synonym for lactic acid?
  6. WHAT THE!? CANCER?! i thought that was a myth. does it still have cancerous effects if the lotion im using has only 2% hydroquinone?
  7. to anybody who has used any one (or even better, both) of these products: 1. hydroquinone in the form of AcneFree Scar Fade and Erase 2. bio oil in the form of bio oil which one seems to work really well on brown/red marks fast? (i have darker than white people tanned asian skin) i have both of them in my inventory but im afraid the bio oil will be comedogenic and stay rather oily on my skin after application; as for the hydroquinone, it works but sort of slowly. thanks
  8. are they in anyway helpful for redmarks? i know theyre marketed as "helpful for acne" <-- but after trying many times i can say at least for me they dont do anything for acne. i have one at home which i use on occaision (maybe once or twice a month) but im not sure if im using it the right way. what i do is i wet the towel thouroughly and then just scrub my whole face with it. it really hasnt seem to have done anything. (heh looks like a waste of 4 bucks) so am i doing anything wrong or i
  9. ok i hear alot about alpha hydroxy acids and stuff but im confused as to really what they are and how to use them. recently i bought the moisturizer known as lac-hydrin five which is supposedly a lactic (glycolic) acid moisutrizer, idk if it was supposed to help with redmarks, but it didnt. in fact it seared my face when i used it over BP so i quickly returned it when peopel talk about using AHA's to help clear redmarks do they use moisturizers like lac-hydrin five or is there some type of cr
  10. ok well it seems im in "quite the pickle" <-- lol i just thought that was funny so anyways i have "rather mild-moderate" acne and mostly its just bumpy on my left cheek/forehead. i think they may be young blackheads. and on the right side i have these bigger red marks/pustules. so my doctor prescribed benzclin/differin combo for me. so far it hasnt REALLY done any major change yet (week 4) but im still going to stick to it for 8-12 wks like recommended. now after applying those two produc
  11. hah so much confusing info.. which to listen to
  12. if i do use it for larger areas, would applying moisturizer afterwards be of any good help?
  13. so im supposed to only put it on pimples/blackheads? what if i have sort of a cluster on teh cheeks? and other areas
  14. well good news from yesterday, some of my lower left cheek acne is clearing the right cheek is almost totally clear forehead has 1 blemish chin is clear and smooth but has some discoloration
  15. EDIT: oops forgot to tell ya.. idk if creating a blog is such a great idea for me, i know that i almost definitely will not update it because im just not a "blogger" type person.. so any other way?