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  1. I have not tried dan's regime, but I will check it out. I have very oily skin, the accutane definitely keeps it under control.
  2. Hello guys and girls, looking for some advice. I am 25 years old, have had acne since I was about 14. After trying everything else I started my first course when I was 23. I did 40mg and then 80mg for 6 months. Had the itchy dry skin, dry eyes, joint pain, but low and behold, my skin was clear and it was the greatest feeling in the world. About a year later I started breaking out again, I went to my derm and he put me on a second course. I did 30 mg for 6 months. The side effects I exp
  3. Hello guys, starting my second treatment of Accutane today. Getting mentally prepared as some of you might know it can be a bit of a challenge. I will be using Cetaphil moisturizing cream as it was the only product that would actually hydrate my skin under the drying effects of Accutane. But I am not sure about the cleanser as I am currently using a BP product? Something effective but gentle would be nice? All input welcome, thanks
  4. what would you recommend? There has to be another alternative than local stores. It can get very pricey. p.s I did my my whole treatment with generic accutane from canada with amazing results.
  5. yes. I even want to take a lower dosage (20mg) than what the doctor recommended (40mg)
  6. Hello, starting my second cycle of accutane soon. Looking for a reputable source to order them online? The canadian pharmacy I used to order from no longer sell them. Anyone have good websites? thanks
  7. a chiropractor has been on my to do list. Thanks
  8. wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I had a pimple come out on my chest, its been over a year and I can still see it. Have applied benzoil peroxide for a while now and it has not gone away. Not really a scar, more of a red elevated little bump. I almost like if I should poke it, but I have not. Does anyone know how to go about taking care of this? thanks
  9. any other remedies? There have to be some athletes on here.
  10. Hello, a little background on my treatment. I took a cycle of Accutane starting in the spring of 2011 that lasted for about 6-7 months. I cycled between 40 and 60 mg. Too make a long story short, I went through the inital breakouts, lathargy, joint pains, and eventually my skin cleared. Accutane worked very well for me beside the joint pain. I am an ameatur mma fighter (martial arts). I was training during my treatment when I hurt my knee. I felt like the healing process took longer than
  11. Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. Male, 23, and 5 months into my treatment, Took 40 mg the first 4 months and I am now alternating taking 1 pill one day and 2 pills the next. Hopefully a month more and I will be done. My journey with this drug has been a bitter/sweet one. Aside from all of the normal side effects, it has practically cleared me up, the only thing left is some scarring... some of my side effects were -Dry lips, dry nose, small arm rashes (eczema) feeling a little b