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  1. Yes lemon juice, that stuff that comes in a yellow bottle that you can get at any grocery store. I learned while reading this forum that I had extremely oily skin. Well the lemon juice did one hell of a job burning away everything and drying up my skin. I would then apply my over night bp topical on top of it. You don't have to do this, it is just something I do since I am to lazy to wash the lemon juice off then apply my bp at nights. I want to say theoretically that the lemon juice rem
  2. Water really helps out if you drink plenty of it. Note: I am not saying stop everything else you are doing and just drink water, but it may just be the thing you need to finally get over your worst hump. I do not know exactly why it helped me. I want to say it had something to do with flushing out my system and all the hormones I was dealing with during my junior year in high school. I was so ridiculously riddled with acne my junior year that when I first came to acne.org I was desperate. I
  3. Hi everyone! It has been forever since I have been on here, but I had to return to say thanks! My junior year my acne was at it's complete worst. I was even using cover-up as a dude to try and hide it. I was practically dying on the inside. By the end of my junior year, I got desperate and began to look for help, and I came across this site, which was little more than a forum at the time. It gave me everything I needed, it gave me emotional support, knowing others where out there. I found tr
  4. Well the way my life is set up I might possibly be joining the military. However, even though this may sound very childish, am I allowed to have my acne medications with me? Like during basic and such? I know once you finish basic you can have them, but am I also allowed to have them for basic. I hate acne so much, and just getting it for like 3 days ticks me off so much. I might just try that Acnescript stuff, just to see if that will do anything.
  5. Lol I popped mine like 3 days ago, confidence shot right back to its rightful place. Seriously idk why, but the water seemed to work. I used to carry a water bottle to school and work, and at home I would chug at least 3 large cups of it. Warning: You will pee a lot!!
  6. Do you mena put Lemon juice on your face or drink it?? sorry i may sound stupid but i just wanna know

  7. See I know for a fact that I will not be as bad off as I once was, but now a days its like, just one pimple completely ruins a couple days for me. I can't lie, Im a pretty good looking dude, and when I do not have acne, I turn heads and get strangers hitting on me. Its the greatest feeling in the world, yet when I have a pimple, I dont get that, nor do I feel confident in being seen by others.
  8. The thing that seemed to help me get over my severe case of acne, before my hormones finally calmed down was drinking as much water as possible. I seriously was chugging the stuff and it calmed down my acne so much, along with lemon juice and BP.
  9. Im dealin with a big one as we speak. It hurts because it was 2 little white heads that I left alone because I felt it would be more trouble to pop them then to just let them go away on their own. Well they didnt go away instead they got worst and formed into 1 big pimple... Yeah atm I hate life, but hopefully it all disappears before I have to come face to face with the chick I like.
  10. So even though I have my acne about 90% taken care of, I still worry about my acne constantly! It is always a fight for me to keep it clear. I wake up every morning and kind of do a light touch (because pressing too hard could clog my pores) over my face to see if I developed any new lumps. If I am clear I am usually fine, and I do not think about it during the day, but if I have a spot forget it! all I can think about is people looking at my acne. When I am clear I usually start to worry abo
  11. So I just watched a video on youtube that made my mind boggle, yet it makes perfect sense. Idk but i am sure that everyone knows that if u light a match and drop it into a bottle and then place an egg on the top that the egg will drop though the small hole, well now imagine that but with a pimple. A guy had a big cyst on his back that he lit a match in a cup and then pressed the cup as tight as he could to his back. The skin stretched and then a big core just shot out into the cup. It makes
  12. Try not to be so brutal when you pop your pimples. If you use like 2 pieces of tissue paper to GENTLY yet firmly squeeze the core out you should be fine, and try not to use finger nails as much as possible. I went against his philosophy just recently on a big bitch that wouldnt go away. Now its like twice as red and still hurts. If I didnt try to hulk strength the core out I probably would have been fine.
  13. I too just did the same damn thing. Its killin me, now im lookin to find out hot to bring it to a head faster.
  14. Actually I thought about that. I never really use moisturizers and stuff, but I am constantly using the acne stuff like BP and lemon juice. I usually am very clear but I still break out. Should I maybe use moisturizers as a daily thing instead of just using it whenever I get flaky skin?
  15. Lol I once had a dream that I was getting a new pimple. I remember vividly feeling the corner of my lip and there being a tender bump and I remember just freakin out. Then I woke up and was like OMG THANK YOU!