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  1. My acne is still flaring up, maybe stress?
  2. At the moment I use papaya soap and nutrogena moisturizer and dans BP. I'm open to suggestions of anything else to use though but I never notice topicals working for me. I'm 22.
  3. I get less cysts than I used to. Strangely enough I had a cyst a few weeks ago though first one in ages and my cheeks are flaring up again. It's weird cos my face was really good for a few months then it just went back horrible I wish I knew why and how but there is just no pattern I've given up with it :/
  4. I found 2 20mg pills lying around the other day so I took them. The next day I had very dry lips and now I've caused myself to get a break out :/ Was this really bad? In other news, my acne has never really gone. Theres no way I could go on a 3rd course, clearly accutane doesn't work for me.
  5. My acne is coming back! Sigh...anyone have an idea why?
  6. I just got my first spot for ages...seriously wtf.
  7. I'll get some pics up ASAP. I am clear just very red and a little scaring here and there.
  8. Day 117-121 Finished all the pills I have. Stopping it now, hopefully i've been on it long enough. Need to get 1 more blood test done and go back to derm if theres any problems.
  9. Days 69-117 Skin clear. Just want to get off them now.
  10. Days 65-69 Hey guys. Got my new batch of pills today. Taking 3 20mg caps and 1 10mg. Skin dry, red, sore. No active acne though Hopefully I should see even more improvement. I just hope the side effects don't get too bad. Btw how bad is it to drink on tane? I had a few drinks the other day :S
  11. Day 29-65 Pardon the huge delay, but there really wasn't much to report. Ok so i'm basiclly clear, it's been going very well. Very red and dry...but that's expected. Went derm today i'm going to be put up to 70mg for another 3 months. Currently on amoxicillin becuase of a foot infection...hopefully no interactions with the drugs, also still on 100mg Zoloft.
  12. Days 19-29 Been busy so updating now. It's going really well! I really am almost clear. No new spots on face, back clearing, chest clearing. Cyst on nose is the only thing which is still active. It's going much better than my first round.
  13. Days 11-18 Been so busy haven't been able to update until now. Well..it's going well! Hardly any new breakouts and my skin seems to be clearing up nice. Had a cyst on the side of my nose but that's going down now and the one on my chest and back are both going down. Skin not that red, just dry and dry lips. If this carrys on i'd expect to be 100% clear soon.
  14. Day 10-11 Cyst on chest drying up. Back still bad and breaking out. Got a small cyst on side of face. No noticable results yet still getting new acne pop up everywhere. Dry lips. No side effects to note.