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  1. pretty good man. got a job at the local gamestop lol. looking for school soon.

  2. thats sick, how is it?

  3. hey dude ♥

    finally got down here to florida.

  4. Alvin ♥ long time no talk =P

  5. Gamerz


    Just pics of me
  6. It worked while I was using it. I have to go buy some more. I've actually had the flu since Thursday, and having the fever all these days has cleared me up quite a bit. So for sure I need to go buy some more and keep it clear =) How are you doing?

  7. just dropping in to see how you are doing with the B5 regimen?

  8. Hey well some people have worse acne then others, some use makeup, and some are now clear. And personally I think the "Your acne isn't as bad as you (yourself) think" is pretty true. No matter how severe someones acne is, it can still effect them.
  9. It isn't?

    Maybe it's because I don't even have my MSN messenger downloaded. xD I just got a new hard drive a couple weeks ago and I guess I forgot to redownload it. xD I'll do it right now. Told you I'm dumb. xD

  10. dude you and i could almost pass as family lol haha maybe :P