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  1. After reading of the benefits of sea salt on oily skin, I've been toying with the idea of adding some to my moisturizer. Not a lot, but just enough so that my skin knows it's there. Any thoughts on this?
  2. I've been wondering lately if vitamins can "cure" acne alone. I'm 21 with mild acne that is easily treatable and looks fine if I don't pick at it. If my skin is mostly clear now and I make the switch from Dan's BP ge to 5g of B5 a day (plus zinc, E, and A), could the transition be seamless?
  3. I'm actually switching to tea tree oil as of today. I noticed a bottle in the medicine cabinet, and I mixed it in with my moisturizer. I like it. Since my skin is pretty good right now and used to me abusing it with BP, this transition should be easy. Tea tree oil seems so much easier. I can just mix of a bottle with moisturizer and use that morning and night after a wash. Much less hassle than BP and moisturizer.
  4. As beneficial as those probably are, I'm going to have to pass. It just seems like too much work. I'd rather just eat more fruits and veggies.
  5. I know. I really shouldn't. My skin is actually not that bad. It's just I hate having to do so much for maintenance. Also, I focus WAY TOO MUCH on the few days out of the month that my skin does look bad. It all stems from me wanting to be the wildcard that does and says what he wants. People love me for that, but when I have a couple red marks, I feel to self-conscious to "be me." I just want to sit in the back, not speak up, and enjoy social interaction without garnering any attention.
  6. But even my parent's acne went away during their teen years (like most people). Maybe it's because they grew up in an age when normal foods didn't have all these damn chemicals in them.
  7. I have a question for those that claim acne is the outward result of internal problems stemming from poor diet: how does this explain my acne-free friends with horrible eating habits? I have many friends that I know for a fact don't fret over keeping their skin clear, don't use any topical medications, don't take any special vitamins, and don't ascribe to any special diet. They gulp down fast food and soda, eat snacks made by scientists in laboratories, drink like sailors, and have no problems
  8. Yikes! You guys are scaring me. Diabetes runs thick in my family (two siblings have type 1), and I don't even want to think about the possibility I might have it.
  9. Well, yes, that is really all I'm concerned about, but what are the "invisible" symptoms of acne I would worry about?
  10. I'm sick of rubbing BP on my face every night. I assume it's doing something, because I only get a pimple every couple weeks (unless I'm very stressed), but it takes a lot of time and feels unnatural. I eat healthy, but I refuse to completely knock things like dairy and sugar out of my diet. I want to eat normally. Also, and not to degrade any of them, but I'm not into doing a myriad of natural treatments on myself. I just want to streamline this process until I grow out of it. So, I'm won
  11. This stuff is great. It dried up the top layer so I peeled it off with a tweezer. Now, there's just a flat, red spot left.
  12. I found a tube of the gel at home. If I just apply it over the spot itself, will that be fine?
  13. I'm giving a speech in a class tomorrow, and I have a problem. The other day, I had an ingrown hair. I went after it a little too aggressively, and it got infected. I then tried to squeeze the puss out of it, and it got bigger and redder. Yesterday, I finally was sensible about it, and disinfected it with rubbing alcohol and applied a hot compress. After a few uses of the hot compress, the puss started to show, I gave it a gentle squeeze, and it practically fell out. Now, I have this red d
  14. I've heard some say to splash your face with cold water at the end of a shower, and then I've heard others say that's nonsense. So, which is it?