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  1. yea thats what the C&C one i have is called.. after two nights im as clear as ive been in a few months.... it drys ur face up a lot....but when i wake up the zits are all dead skin i can peel off...it may sound gross but thats how it works for me...it goes from zit to dead skin over night......just peel the zit off and put moisturizer on the rest of your face to keep it clean and smooth....
  2. yea i just bought the 10% C&C one...but never seen the clearasil one.. pretty sure they are the same.....ill tell you how it goes after about a week or so considering i just bought it last night
  3. well after one night the redness on my right cheek faded very well... and i can feel a 50% difference on my 2 cysts.....so far so good haha
  4. well i do have tough skin i guess......BP does dry me out, but not all that bad.. i just cant wash with it and go do something because my skin gets kinda peely, but it doesnt hurt or irritate my skin at all...... i just went out and bought BP Pesa-Gel10 by C&C...its the same thing as the perscription i had before but over the counter pretty much.... and also bought the deep pore cleanser by C&C which seems like it works pretty well....... and im still sticking witht eh SA cleanser as
  5. well ive never had my face actually hurt so i think its pretty tough........ but of course i have had the big ones hurt a little....but thats normal... so i will keep it pretty small for now and if its working a little ill build it up... thanks for the luck i might need it
  6. well ive had the C&C advanced formula with SA for a while but it hasnt cleared me up with great success........ so i went to the store and bought the C&C Max strength Persa-Gel10 BP10% along with C&C deep action cream cleanser... thinking i could use the deep action cream cleanser in the shower at night and then when i wake up.......then i could open and clean the pores with the SA wash and seal the pores and kill remaining bacteria with the BP gel..... will all this work togethe
  7. lol i put BP on at night and leave it overnight.....maybe its the reassurement that when its tight..its working....haha but when i wake up i will usually put some lotion on my face and that will stop the pealing during the day, thats just my skin tho
  8. Well right now i am off my perscriptions.....(benzaclin Bp and little minocyclin) and have been for a while and my face seemed the same as it did... i have since been on clean and clear SA wash with 2.5% i believe.... it worked extremely well for the first few weeks when i only had a breakout on the right side of my face.....and as that side was dying down.......i got a new breakout just recently... it is basically the same zits on the right side, but fading slowly...a few little clusters on
  9. lol...just one pimple... anyways u arent going to get an immediate miracle..... neosporin overnight works alright for spot treatment...try something with sacylic acid......just try different things, but within reason
  10. yes it is the advantage one in the purple bottle......and another note, my acne is about 85% gone after about 4 days
  11. Clean and clear acne wash with salycic acid....it says new on the thing so you might not have seen it
  12. i dont think you are worried about making a friendship that bad my friend. Starting off with a rumor in your school is probably the easiest, and it should sprout from there, talk about your and her classes and what they are gonna do this weekend. But yes, keep your conversation to a minimum.
  13. lol i know its not the blackhead clearing. but yea it was strange because my regular cleanser just wouldnt do it and neither would some other salicylic acid products i tried. i guess we will know after a couple more nights wont we?
  14. Well i just got the product yesterday, but when i put in on my face, i woke up and half the acne was cleared......and it has been there alllllll month, it was just suddenly overnight too...this could be a breakthrough..haha ill tell you if it is consistent after i use it again tonight! any1 else try it?