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  1. Sorry to hear that, I had problems with my second erbium treatment. You know; redness, uneven skin tone, , and strange looking skin in some areas. Retin-A saved my life after that, it reversed almost all the damage done by the laser in the first 8 weeks, now Im one year and a half with retin a and my skin looks even better than before. If its going to be ur first time with a retinoid, please read carefully all the instructions of use. Fortunately, the skin thats been treated with lasers will re
  2. hey, in order to achieve the best results you must avoid any scab formation, clean carefully your wound with some q-tips and then apply vaseline, this way you will recover in no time with great rsults. Please search on the web about the benefits of moist wound healing, unfortunately most doctors dont realize the importance of this. Actually Dr. Lam has a video of scar revision where he explains the care of stitches afterwards, and there are other scientific publications about it as well. Good l
  3. Its completely normal, it happens to me too, even with lukewarm water.
  4. Absolutely not. In fact it is prescribed as treatment for alopecia areata because it works to stimulate the hair follicle. Dont confuse it with Accutane, one of which side effects is thining of your hair, but it stops when you stop taking those pills. Good luck!
  5. Hi!, 4 weeks is too little time. Check this answer: Here Good luck!
  6. Congrats! The redness is a constant part of the retin-a regimen, it appears in two stages, during the first 3 weeks of use and whenever you get too much sun/over apply/rub your skin/switch to stronger retin-a cream. Its expected to have a light pink skin tone beacuse of inteaction with the blood vessels . I dont suggest using retin-a, instead try a retinol cream (Obagi, Neutrogena, Gren Cream, etc.) theyre much milder but will give you noticeable results. After your honeymoon your skin wil be r
  7. Hi! When my skin got used ti 0.05 retin-a I switched to 0.1 , then my skin got extremely irritated and I had to turn back to the 0.05, the only way to reach 0.1 was to mix gradually both creams and apply every other day until today, when I use only 0.1. What do you mean by stopped working? No more irrritation/redness/flaky skin? or the return of acne as we know it?
  8. Hi!, its totally normal for your skin to peel, in fact, the creator of retin-a said that in order to see great results your skin must have some degree of peeling. Its like a sign that retin-a is working, been using it for 6 months and I still have dead skin that goes off by GENTLY rubbing in the shower.
  9. Hi!, most people on the site use cetaphil gentle clenaser. I suggest you give it a try, in case you are more sensitive you can try Avène or Cerave, and if your skin is ultrasensitive, you should use Aquanil.
  10. Hi!, I suggest retin-A 0.4%. Your skin is used to retinoids, thats an advantage, but tretinoin is the most irritant of them all. But dont worry, you dont need to use retin-a 0.4 for another 3 months, its possible to gradually mix 0.4%-0.1% (as long as its from the same brand). My personal experience with differin was dissapointing,no results after 4 weeks. With retin-a youll see the changes before a month, however, you must be very cautious AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS because its really easy t
  11. Took me 2 weeks to see some changes and 4 weeks to see an improvement. Started with 0.05% and currently Im using 0.1%. My worst week was the second (very dry skin). BTW, zero initial breakout. Remember, everyone's skin is different!
  12. Retinoids are similar and at the same time different, even tough they belong to the same family, some of them target specific receptors in your cells. 4 years ago I used adapalene (differin), however, I dont remember those 20-30min... It is mandatory to wait at least 20-30 min. before applying any kind of tretinoin. If you dont, your face might get irritated. I started with retin-a 0.05 and Im currently using 0.1, in 4 months my skin has never looked so great !
  13. Can anyone confirm this? If so, it'll save me a lot of time and money if Green Cream is already a retinoid. I agree, Grean Cream is a retinoid (OTC). However, the most impressive results are seen with a prescription retinoid. (Atralin, Avita, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Renova). Green Cream contains Retinol, which in contact with the skin is converted to retinoic acid, this is why its not as strong. The prescription retionids deliver instantly the active ingredient (retinoic acid). If thi
  14. Hi! I guess my top 3 must be: 1. Aquanil: The most gentle cleanser in the world, can be used as a vehicle for medical formulations. 2. Retin-A (0.1) : Yes, the strongest retinoid available. Remember to apply as directed. 3. Topical B5 (Dexpanthenol): This little thing deserves a topic on its own, soon you will know more about this !!