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  1. no this didnt happen when i stopped taking accutane,, i was fine until now,, and why should i have not gone on accutane? my acne was sure bad enough (i dont know how i made it sound in my original post) and i have no health problems.... and about the retin-a,, i figure if i go back to the derm thats what she is going to put me on again, although it never really did anything for me...
  2. no, its the same type of acne as i got before not quite as much, and my skin is definatley much less oily, but im just hoping it was a week thing because i havent broken out in the last couple days *knocks on wood*
  3. well i forgot to put a couple things in my original post... before i went on accutane my acne was bad but luckily i hardly ever got cysts, i did get a few but rarely, i was just plagued with a lot of whiteheads,, as for my accutane i was on it for 7 months and the most i took was 80mg a day for the last few months.
  4. its been about five months since i got off of accutane, and now i am starting to break out again, these last 5 months i had been CLEAR but for the last 2 weeks i have been breaking out in my chin/lip area,,, is there anything you all suggest? i was thinking of going back to the derm but what can she give me now i mean nothing else worked... thanks alot -luis
  5. wow, thanks alot for that reply. ok haha about the height issue im sorry i didtn mean 4'7" i am 5'7" sorry bout that. im not too overly worried about that although i would like to grow a little more. I have tried multiple courses of antibiotics, this isn't my first time. I will try your accutane equation. Again, thanks for the great reply.
  6. Hey, Well i went to the derm last week, same old thing, antibiotics arent doing anything so she increased my dose to 100mg mino 2 times a day. She says thats the highest i can take because i am 5'7" 135 lb. But while i was in there, she started talking about accutane. She said that it looks like i might have to eventually take it, and i want to take it but frankly, i am kind of scared. She gave me a boklet and i read through it, and it doesnt seem too bad. I am just worried about a few things
  7. i am currently on retin-a 0.4% or 0.04% im not sure but its one of the two and i really love it, it doesnt dry out my skin that much and it makes my skin look better
  8. haha i was thinking the same thing i wouldnt order it i was just wondering if anyone else had tried it
  9. werd, i amd using the same as u retin-a and benzaclin. now dont blame it completly on retin-a because with myexperienceds benzaclin dries your skin out more probably the reason your skin gets dried out more when u put the retin-a on is probably because ur putting 2 different really drying creams on oh by the way what % retin-a are you using? just my 2-cents -Luis
  10. ok well i dont know if this is just in california or all over the country but in california there are juice bars that sell this stuff called wheatgrass well the other day i was at jamba juice getting my juice and i saw someone get this little thing of like blended grass into a liquid form i took one of those little brochures that they had there about wheatgrass and it said that the main advantage of wheatgrass is that it is really good for your skin so has anyone ever had experience with whea
  11. thanks for the inspiration. I am also currently on benzaclin except im only on benzaclin and retin-a Im going crazy cuz my appointment with the derm isnt until november because thats the soonest she had and i dont know what to do until then.
  12. noshoes- I do not know anything about accutane, but I am just posting to wish your daughter luck. I am a 14 year old boy who is going through the same thing. I just want her to never give up hope and not to affect her life especially when starting highschool. I know what it feels like battling this horrible disease. Well i was just writing to wish you luck and to tell your daughter to not lose faith. Good Luck!!!