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  1. well, i am sorry for what you are experiencing, but are you sure you aren't just psyching yourself out? i mean, your post articulates your situation nicely... it doesn't seem as though you are lacking in cognitive abilities. good luck though
  2. it is really hard to say. the red marks on my face went away quickly, but those on my shoulders stuck around for some time. honestly, the red marks on my back probably didnt completely go away for 8 months or so... though it was hardly noticeable if you werent looking for it.
  3. ah, man...you look great! you must be thrilled! thanks for posting your pics for inspiration for others of us who are wondering and struggling. and thanks so much for your kind words...yeah, it does definitely suck, this acne stuff (as you well know, ha). yeah, i am going on the accutane for sure...i'm in the 30-day ipledge waiting period (read: hell, ha) right now. someday when i'm all done w/ my course and (hoping, praying, fingers and toes crossed) my skin is clear, i'll come here
  4. Hey- i remember you too! are you off of accutane now? if so, how did things end up for you? after accutane... i just use cetaphil. before accutane my skin was so oily that i felt the need to wash it many times throughout the day; that is a thing of the past now. i will wash it when i shower in the morning/after working out... and then before bed. the oil reduction has been one of the greatest benefits of accutane for me. i used to feel disgusting if i didnt wash it before sleeping b
  5. here is the link to my gallery: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;album=11235
  6. fuck that guy. somebody who would display such disregard for your feelings like so is not your friend at all. some people only feel good about themselves when they put others down... i would cut ties with this 'friend' asap.
  7. ps- ill create a gallery for before/after pics if it would help.
  8. im almost positive that you are wrong about that. it is a common frustration amongst people with acne. personally i would be very reluctant to have kids.
  9. good thread.... i tried whey twice and broke out both times. i would like to try soy, but im hesitant.
  10. I certainly didn't. I would heed the advice of the dermatologists. You shouldn't need to, and to do so might put you at risk of scarring.
  11. hey man whats up?

  12. have you tried accutane? if your still having problems at 27, you really should look into it. i tried it at 24 after getting to a point where i forgot what clear skin felt like, and it cleared me within a month. let me know if you are curious about it.
  13. That is a hard question to answer with any degree of certainty, but i would like to think it is the same. The stereotype is that guys are more into physical qualities than girls are, but as a male i never really believed that. It certainly wasnt the way i approached girls. I think the more interesting thing in this thread are the responses from girls who had acne indicating that they feel a slight attraction on some level to guys with acne based on the common bond. i can definitely relate t
  14. That is a very idealistic view. The reality is that confidence stems from the belief that one has the capacity to achieve an objective. The surest way of solidifying that belief is experience. I don't think this is necessarily true. Sometimes, I have random surges of confidence and I'm a female who's never had a boyfriend. What it is is that there are guys I have gotten to know before and viewed as potential boyfriends, but then there was something that drew ME away from THEM. Which does