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  1. I AM SNOW - I got mine through Puritan Pride for $3.70/bottle with free shipping.
  2. I personally don't use any soaps/cleansers, but yeah, it's fine! I touch my face a lot to wipe off sweat while running, so if you feel dirty, absolutely shower.
  3. I don't recommend you do that. That was how I took my first dose of ACV, and it was bad. Knocked the wind out of me. Try it! 1oz in 16-20oz of water does not taste bad. It might be a little harsh, but you'll get used to it.
  4. Being in the military, I run quite a bit. 15-25 miles per week, always at 6:30-8am. After I get done, I wipe off my face, go get breakfast, and then shower. I spend about an hour after I'm done running without showering. No acne problems from doing this.
  5. If you havn't had powdered B5 yet, you havn't had nasty. 1 ounce ACV to 16-20oz of water. I've been drinking it so long all I taste is a hint of apple. No lies.
  6. Stress+sweat+lack of shower= acne Stress - yes sweat - never an effect on my acne. i have facial hyperhidrosis as it is, wiping my face doesn't cause problems showers - 2x a day, unless i was on missions, then i still tried my best to stay clean I'm honestly more stressed out now, but I'm clear. I didn't discover ACV until after I got back. I still drink 1.5+ gal each day though.
  7. I drank 1.5-3 gallons of water per day while in Iraq, and my acne was as worse as ever.
  8. I stopped using cleansers on my face a few months ago, and noticed my skin produced less oil. I gently wash my face in the shower in the morning using just my washcloth, to remove dirt from the day before and from physical training in the morning. I apply ACV topically in the morning and at night, and acne is almost non-existent for me, and oil is only a small concern now. I approve of this regimen!
  9. At least keep using it until you are out. I went through two bottles of powder and three bottles of pills before I stopped using it. The only thing it did was make me slightly less oily, but didn't clear up any of my acne. Works for some, but not for all, but don't give up just after a month.
  10. Behold, the powers of ACV and BP! I drink a few tablespoons of ACV three times a day, and apply topically 2-4 times each day. I apply BP most nights when I remember to. I apply it straight, because I don't have sensitive skin. You may want to dilute it. http://hannsz.com/upload/files/8/before1.jpg Me in Iraq May 2007. I had acne worse than this all my teenage years, and this picture was after I started taking B5. B5 never really did anything for me other than taste horrible. This wasn't