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  1. Hi Erinholly, I rarely get cysts but i have had maybe 3-5 in my life that have lasted anywhere from 2 months to even a year!!! Right now i actually have one on my chin that is ALSO DRIVING ME CRAZY. It has been there for over 4 months. I went to see the doctor about it 2 1/2 months ago and he told me to just keep putting Retin -A Micro on it and it would most likely go away on its own. Well, it hasnt. I fear that when it empties out i will be left with a hole. because that already happened on
  2. the cyst you got rid of.. it had been trapped under your skin for over a year? I have one in my chin that has been there for 5 months.. i am scared to get it injected cause it's been there so long. An honest answer to my question would therefore be much appreciated! Danno
  3. Hi Go and others. I used to contribute to this particular thread a lot during the time of my three ALA PDT sessions between Feb - May '05. They did help, especially in that they really stripped away a lot of my damaged surface skin. As you can read in some of my older posts, i had a couple (one in particular) EXTREME reactions where layers of my skin peeled off. Doctor said it was the most extreme reaction he had seen but that i should get better than expected results. Well, i was still breaki
  4. Hi Everyone, Long time no talk! I am estatic to tell you that ALA PDT worked for me. I am really finding it difficult to explain why my skin has been clean and clear after my third treatment 2 months ago... because after the first two it continued to break out and still looked aweful. My skin isnt perfect. I still break out, but at a lot less severity then before. My diet is as good as it has ever been and i did suffer a groin injury, which kept me out of the gym the past two months. I hope
  5. Update on my situation 3 1/2 weeks after my third ALA PDT treatment. My skin is still pretty clear. But has become very Oily again. And i still have those two cysts/postules on my chin that have been there for months. They are my biggest concern now, as i dont want them to scar. Went to the derm and he told me to keep putting retin A micro on the spots but i did that for another one, about a year ago, and it left a mark. But he didnt seem concerned at all. Like scarring wasnt a risk, we'll see
  6. I have had acne for 12 years. I am now 27 and I am a web designer that has worked from home for the past two years. I just got a job in a studio, and where i would normally be excited,the fact that i have acne makes me nervous about the whole situation.. with added stress, bright lights etc. I was wondering how acne has affected everyone else on this forum, career wise? I like what i do, but i would be a lot further ahead if it wasnt for acne. This is not an excuse, but a reason.
  7. THanks EVeryone for commenting! I JUST finished with 3 sessions of ALA photo Dynamic Therapy. Cleared me up real good except for the two cysts on my chin and some mild acne on forehead. But my skin is still oily so i imagine it will all start to come back soon.
  8. Hi everyone, I have had a cyst on my chin for over 6 weeks. It is deep and i dont want to leave it there for months on end.. cause i always feel that the longer it stays under the skin, the more chance of it leaving a scar. Has anyone ever tried to prick it with a pin in order to get some of the bacteria out? I did this for a cyst on my lower jaw once. The cyst emptied and then filled back up. This kept repeating for about2 weeks, until it finally dried up and left. I wasnt left with any scar
  9. Hi Jenn, 6 treatments sounds like a record. I know some people that go to the place i go have had more than 4.. touch up ones etc. Dr. said that the people whos parents plan (or their own plan) covers the cost of the treatment, that they get them done more frequently. Obviously i would as well but mine arent covered under any plan. But the three i have had made a huge difference. I especially feel this way after my third treatment. My skin looks smooth and clear for the first time in over 10
  10. In addition to my above reply.. i wonder if the blistering could be caused by sun exposure? Since prolonged sun exposure causes skin to blister (as i had my back blister and peel after a bad sunburn a while back).. i am sure that sun, after having ALA, could cause blistering with must less exposure. Again, i really took great care to not allow the sun to touch my face for a good week (more like two) after my treatments.
  11. lol, yes! I did get hit very hard with the treatments. .. I didnt experience any blistering though. MAJOR scabbing the first time around, but not blistering. My main concerns now are the two cysts/nodules i have on my chin. If they were gone I could, for the first time in 10 years, say that i was clear! It is funny.. and sad, that the first thing that goes through my head, now that i am fairly clear, is HOW LONG WILL IT LAST. After living with acne for so long i am constantly "looking arou
  12. I'm sorry to hear your skin is still rough and bumpy, and breaking out. I still have two cysts and some small bumbs on my forehead, but for the most part there is a lot of improvement over the course of the three sessions. BUT, again, i dont know how long it will last. It has been eight days since my treatment and I STILL HAVE PEELING SKIN ON MY FACE. I do web design from home so i am luckier than most, in that i dont have to go out of the house everyday to face the world. But i do have meet
  13. Well tomorrow it will have been a week since my third treatment. My skin is still peeling! I am very confident that i will come out with good skin! BUT, i know my skin is still actively oily and it is only a matter of time before it starts to deteriorate again. How bad? No ones knows, i imagine. Again, should grow out of it on my own within the next few years.. so hopefully ALA can help me control it until that glorious day comes. Most people dread getting older and turning 30.. i have wait