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  1. Thank you! I did start using a hyaluronic acid serum about a month ago, think it could be that? My skin got really dry so I picked it up at the health store..
  2. Hi all. I recently am experiencing small bumps that are only filled with fluid (no whiteheads) around my chin and lower cheek area. They are really itchy and my skin is more red than normal. I have not switched cleane, and I always use the same moisturizer and jojoba oil. I am post-sotret for a year in February and have been clear since. I do get some hormonal breakouts but I am wondering why these are just clear fluid filled bumps? Any help? Thanks!
  3. Can anyone recommend a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that dosent clog pores? Thanks!
  4. I am just about to finish up my last month on Sotret. After 5 months my skin is 100% clear and the redmarks are slowly beginning to fade away. What can I expect after I am finished?? When is it okay to have more sun exposure and is it safe to start peels? Thank you!
  5. Hi. I am just finishing up my last month on Sotret and my skin is finally clear. The main cause of my acne was my super oily skin. Now that it is gone, I am clear. Could you tell me if Dan's regimen would be a good thing to start after stopping Sotret to maintain my clear skin? Safe/effective? Thanks!
  6. Hi. I know that everyone is different, but as I finish my last month of Sotret I wonder how many people stay clear. I had moderate acne, mostly on cheeks and chin, and I am now almost 100% clear. I think that my biggest problem was that my skin was super oily and now that is gone. My dermatologist is very confident that this will be it for me. Any idea about how many are successful after one treatment? Thank you!!
  7. The redspots left over from old blemishes never seem to heal over. I am currently on 80mgs of Sotret and am responding well, no big issues. When I wash my face I am pretty clear, but you cannot tell because of all of the leftover red marks. Any advice?? Also, is Dan's regimen recommended while on Sotret? Does anyone know if the cleanser removes eye makeup while washing? Thanks!!
  8. Thankyou so much! This makes me feel much better!
  9. Hi I am in the middle of my 5th month of Sotret. After my IB in the first few weeks of treatment, I've been fine since. Now after being in the middle of 80mg dose now I seem to be getting some cyst like breakouts again. Is this normal?? I am especially nervous since next month will be my last- Thank you!!
  10. Hi-My doctor changed my dose of Sotret from 40mgs (1 pill), to 60 mgs (2 pills/30mgs each). Does anyone have an opinion about taking both at one time, or one twice a day? Does one way work better than the other? Thanks
  11. Thank you both for your help! No, my dose was not increased, Im still at 40mg. I think next time they will increase a bit. I am noticing some change for the better today, but it is hard to describe how my skin is reminding me of my first IB. It just seems more oily, just not the same. I will check up on the ingredients to compare the two. There is really nothing that I can do now because the I-pledge program wont let me switch meds until this month is over. I am hoping for the best as I
  12. Okay, so my pharmacy gave me Amnesteem instead of Sotret for my refill. I called my derm to make sure that this was okay, and she said "yes". I was disappointed by the switch because my skin was doing really well on Sotret, made it through the initial IB, and was really making progress. After starting Amnesteem last week, my breakouts returned a bit along with some extra oiliness-almost similar to the beginning of my initial IB. Is this normal or as a result of the switching of medicines??
  13. Im also looking for a good nightime moisturizer. Have you ever tried Eucerin or Cetaphil? Im not sure what to get and Im afraid something to moisturizing will clog my pores. Any recommendations? Thank you again!
  14. Really?? Thank you both so much! I see Aquaphor in the store all of the time, but I have been searching for Carmex. Now I know that I have been looking for the wrong thing, I will get it today. Thanks also for the drug comparison. I have finally just gotten over my first IB and things are improving. When I picked up my perscription and saw a different medicine, I was so worried. Thank you both again!