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  1. No, those white-ish things ARE blackheads; only the top part of a blackhead (the part you see when you look at your skin) is black because the sebum oxodizes when exposed to the air. I have used these strips and find that they remove the most when left on 3-5 minutes longer than the instructions say. Remove by pulling very slowly.
  2. Yes, I was tricked into believing the rave reviews on the Lush website. I also really wanted to believe that all-natural products would work. Sadly, the little gritty "exfoliating" bits in AOBS and FF irritated my skin and made my acne worse.
  3. Considering that SA and AHA do essentially the same thing, exfoliate your skin--except that SA penetrates into the pore while AHA focuses on surface exfoliation--I personally wouldn't use them together. That's just too much exfoliation and it could be irritating. Try one in the morning & one at night.
  4. try a tinted moisturizer. normal makeup won't cover up scabs, it just makes them look worse. Go to any drugstore and ask at the makeup counter for them to show you some good brands. If you're embarrassed just say your girlfriend ordered you to pick some up for her...i've had my bf buy makeup for me
  5. If you work out mid-morning, why not just do your morning regimen after the workout? I usually work out in the afternoon; I shower after but don't wash my face. No extra moisturizer, nothing. It doesn't seem to make a difference, I still don't break out. Sweat itself won't cause acne.
  6. This thread is so sad, there needs to be an acne education day or something, maybe people wouldn't say such dumb things. I haven't actually had anyone say something bad about my skin to me, though there was this one 13yr old asshole who called me ugly whenever he saw me for like half a year in junior high. It might have been partly the acne, maybe also that I was awkward and nerdy at that age so I was an easy target. It really messed me up, for a long time I had a really hard time even talking
  7. The tendency to believe in idiotic studies like this one is more indicative of one's emotional and intellectual immaturity than is acne. So a one-off "scientific" study tells you that because of an unavoidable physical condition, you are not supposed to reproduce. You accept this unquestioningly. Now that's natural selection.
  8. sounds like you're allergic to bp, as are a small percentage of people, so yes, you need to stop. either that or you started doing the regimen morning & night, or once/day. i started off using a small amount of bp twice/day, and had a similar reaction to the one you describe. I stopped, then started bp again a few months later, using the tiniest bit every other day, and i was fine. i've worked my way up to the regular amount. some redness but no breakouts or crustiness.
  9. That's nice that you found something that worked. But too much zinc is bad for you. From what I've read 50 mg/day is the max you should ever take. I'm not trying to rain on the parade... I'm just speaking as someone who has experienced negative side effects from zinc pills...you guys should be careful
  10. Meditation and yoga give me a healthier perspective on everything...including my skin!
  11. I'd like to know the answer to this as well. I've been using BP for about a month and I'm still red. I feel like it's worse for me b/c I only apply it to my chin, which looks really stupid. If your whole face is red at least you can pass it off as a sunburn or natural rosiness. For me it's been going down a bit but it's still red/pinkish like 24/7.
  12. Got to agree w/ Elsewhere! I like longer hair on guys. Not super long (I can't stand ponytail-length hair) but long enough to run your fingers through. No gel please! I also prefer dark hair.
  13. Hang in there! I know it's hard. But wait at least another 2 weeks before deciding whether it's working for you. A lot of people experience breakouts during the first couple weeks. It sucks but it's totally normal. Keep in mind that pimples can take quite a while to go away, so the fact that you still have some from before you started BP is not necessarily a sign that it isn't working. For me, BP dries out *some* of my pimples, but the bigger red ones still take a while to go down.
  14. Yes, pop all the whiteheads. Do it gently and be very very careful not to spread the infection. They will "ooze" for a while once you've popped them--make sure you take care to dab away at this lovely pus/blood mixture so it doesn't seep into the surrounding pores. Above all: DO NOT STOP THE REGIMEN. An initial breakout is quite normal. In fact, my skin went through this when I started using BP, though I didn't have quite so many whiteheads as you. Now I have no pimples and I am so happy I didn
  15. I really hope you meant that after 2 months of NOT taking accutane, you got pregnant, as opposed to after 2 months of accutane you got pregnant. Because if you meant the second one you are a complete idiot. Accutane causes birth defects in like 90% of pregnancies begun while the mother was taking it. You would have been warned about this by your doctor. Seriously, whatever it is that you mean, if it's as serious as possible birth defects in your baby you should be talking to your doctor about i