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  1. Hi - Check out this article:

    http://www.livingwithout.c om/2008/as08foodmed.html

    I was going to the website to subscribe to the magazine and came across it. It's a great magazine! Also - for Gluten-Free, I highly recommend Tom Sawyer GF Flour - you can make any normal recipe with it by substituting cup-for-cup for wheat flour, and you'd never know the difference by tasting it

    1. Hello!

      I dont visit this forum very often but just checked back on my original post. I too, discovered this year that I was gluten intolerant and I fight the battle everyday to find delicious foods that do not have wheat etc. I also had to face a host of skeptical doctors. But unfortunately I also had to give up dairy when I realized the acne would not go away with all the other

      1. Hello, This is the year I have been freed from all kinds of pain and embarassment without drugs or creams. My cystic acne was on my face and back and came days after eating the food it was related to. But I know for a fact what caused it and if this helps even one person I will be happy. My cystic acne grew slowly over several years and was sporadic until it finally became chronic and extremely painful these last three years. On my face, on my back. The cysts appeared overnight and took week