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  1. If you have oily skin Retin-A won't help with that, so taking B5 in combination with R-A would probably only do good for your skin. However, if you do not have oily skin, I wouldn't suggest taking B5 with the R-A.
  2. ^^what he said. I tried that product and hated it btw.
  3. Yep. Differin did work for me pretty well, but it caused redness/flushing. I used it for 10 months and never got one of those initial breakouts, just clearer skin. For me though, I hate being dependent on prescription meds so I stopped using it..not to mention the flushing was out of control.
  4. DO NOT take high doses of Vitamin A, that can kill you.
  5. Neosporin will not help with flushing. What other meds are you on?
  6. Try Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion it DOES NOT leave a shiny film, works well with other topicals, and is non-comedogenic.
  7. DO NOT use Ivory. It's the only soap I can honestly say gave me acne. I have never had huge painful zits come up overnight from something, but this did it. I really loathe Ivory.
  8. I agree. I sometimes wonder where I'd be right now if I never had gotten acne. Would I be in jail? Would I be dead? Before my acne got pretty bad I was into booze and pot all the time, so who knows.
  9. Yes it is a VERY good facial moisturizer. I've used it for that past couple of months and will never use anything else. It' moisturizes but doesn't feel greasy or leave any kind of a greasy residue. It also works well with BP.
  10. I just got mine yesterday, I'll try to keep everyone informed on how it works.
  11. I believe you're suppose to take 1-2 of the B100 complex a day at a different time than taking the B5. As far as the water goes, 1-2 litres isn't too much, just don't drink a lot with or 1-2 hours after taking the B5.