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  1. To the original poster, I was once very similar to you in that I used to read this board quite religiously and obsess over my scars. Over time I tried many things and while it is hard to be objective about whether or not it helped I did learn to be happier with myself. It doesn't mean I still don't try to improve my skin and scars but that it is not an end on to itself and just a part of journey. What I mean by this is that since the time I started reading this board my life has changed quite
  2. I don't have any photos to share. I appreciate what you're trying to ask but in my humble opinion there's no magic thing you're missing. It's all about whether you react well to it or, what the scar tissue in your scar is like. My scars have definitely soften and risen, but it fills with scar tissue which softens after each once. I have no idea whether they will completely fill in but I doubt it and for now I will continue to cross the ones I feel are worth the risk and perhaps get fraxel a c
  3. Scars as in what we talk about in this forum are either indentations (Missing part of your flesh), or raised areas of flesh (Keloid scars). While I can't tell entirely from your picture it seems you mostly or only have red marks which is a separate forum. Red marks are unpleasent but will eventually faded in time and can be assisted by several methods. It is important though to first get your acne under control. You should also look at the red marks forum but keep in mind that things that help
  4. No pills, just healthy living and I my crosses a hour after a shower to make sure my skin was clean. Imo it's a fairly gradual effect from a month after your last cross (Not that it'll necessarily improve for everyone)
  5. Your photos are fairly blurry, it's hard to objectively say whether you are worse now. You are definitely redder but I can't really tell if they're deeper. Now while I use TCA Cross myself I don't believe there is a magic number of treatments nor do I believe it will ever completely perfectly fill in your scars. Now in my experience from October some of my scarring (similar to yours) has improved. Your mileage may vary, if you aren't sure cross is right for you go cold turkey for 2-3 months and
  6. This article discusses the results of a study from 1988 of 30 people. I am sure there are hundreds of peer reviewed journal articles about retinoids since then with various research conclusions. A sample of 30 people is hardly conclusive of what risks do and don't exist with the use of retinoids. I'm not saying retinoids are great and everyone should use them, I have no idea what risks exist with long term use, but this article is extremely misleading and if you are concerned about side effects
  7. I don't see why not. You may or may not agree with what they say but unless it's going to cost you a bundle just to see him/her there's no real down side.
  8. Will the redness fade? Probably but it may take many months Will the scars fill in on their own? They may soften and fill in slightly over several years but it's unlikely to be much. The appearance of your scars MAY improve as you age but they'll never heal completely. Are there any good home remedies otc etc? You have to understand that if anything worked that well, this forum probably wouldn't exist. Even with all the money in the world you wouldn't necessarily get the results you want. B
  9. As someone that uses cross I think it's totally not worth the risk to use cross for large pores.
  10. You're mileage may very since my skintone isn't as healthy as yours, They spots will scab, the scab phase is misleading because the scab can make it look completely filled in. After the scabs fall off they will be red for a few weeks, for even longer then that they will be more irritable than the rest of you skin. I.e. they will turn redder than the rest of your skin when you are stressed. I caution you that TCA cross can make scars worse, whether they look worse at this stage isn't really in
  11. I think you're misinterpreting the article, besides the usual skepticism you should have about any news story about a scientific discovery you should consider that they probably transformed a culture of skin cells into a blastema. Even assuming this research was everything it promises, it is about creating new muscle tissue and may have little application to growing skin. Now even it could make artificial skin near the quality of the skin on your face, there would still be the same limitations
  12. The general consensus is that no topical will help scarring. This is scarring in the sense of indentations, not red marks. As for recommendations it depends on what kind of scarring you have. It is highly unlikely you will ever completely remove a scar, although great improvements are possible. Especially if your scarring is severe all the money in the world may not get you the results you hope for.
  13. I'm a guy so my knowledge of make up is really limited, I do know that body make up is used quite often to hide tattoos for actors, as for whether you'll sweat it off I can't say. If I were in your shoes I'd just go to a beauty parlor and ask, I'm sure they can give you an idea of what it can/can't do and how much it would cost to have it done for your prom night.
  14. I don't know what your skin tone is like or how long you've had these marks. I remember a time when I felt prom was the most important thing in the world. First it may not be possible to remove or even diminish your marks by then, microderm is pretty common way to deal with marks as is hydroquonine. Keep in mind most of us talk about facial scarring/red marks and the skin on the rest of your body will react differently to treatments. Now with all that in mind, have you considered body make up?
  15. Sorry I do not, I'm little camera shy about leaving photos on the internet.