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  1. My dermotologist suggest using niacin so I bought some and now take 500mg @ $5 every night before going to bed. I haven't had any major cysts and the 1-2 pimples I got were just that, pimples so small that it wasn't a big deal to me...and they went down within a day or two. I also take Vit D but that was a suggestion from my GYN since my levels were very low. I take Vit D once a week but it's 50,000 IU @ $16. I also use Merderma Gel @ $14 to fade scarring. Good Luck!
  2. hi, ignore those that do not help you....i could care less where you post because you are here like the rest of us seeking help, advice, answers, etc. yes, i use to feel that way. people without acne do not understand how upsetting it is because how can you hide your face? well, you can't. but my true friends supported me and loved me just the same, with or without acne. when the right person comes, he won't care about your acne. he will see your inner beauty and note to yourself, this is the
  3. Don't sweat the small stuff...just take your B5 and EPO regularly and watch the cysts disappear.....

  4. put whatever acne treatmenet cream you are using on it at night. then apply neosporin on a bandaid and cover the cyst with the bandaid. if you can during the day, ice it-a few mins on and off as much as you can.
  5. i was taking just B5 in high doses and wasn't getting great results until i added epo, 1350mg 2 to 3 times a day, with a meal. i think it helps me and i get cystic acne. i also use a gentle scrub on my face everyday now with green tea to help exfoliate the dead skin cells which i believe helps a lot too. i don't take fish oil but i do like the epo and order it online since it it cheaper.
  6. my acne started freshman year of college and it still persists today. i am now 47 and have been on 3 rounds of accutane, antibiotics, topicals etc. i now approach it holistically because even the prescriptions weren't working for me after a while. everday now i take lots of B5, EPO, acne scrub with green tea, BP wash and tazorac. when a cyst starts erupting, i ice it off and on as much as i can, apply my topicals, increase my B5 and EPO and at night, apply antibiotic cream (neosporin) to a banda
  7. I use DDF 10% sulfur as my weekly facial mask. My skin is very oily so I don't get dry using the sulfur.
  8. hi, see my response to john509er, acne cysts... look in this same section for acne cysts. if you can't locate it, i'll retype for you. i'm 47 and i still get terribly embarrassed by my cystic acne. zits5036
  9. wow, i feel for ya... so here is my deal. i've been on accutane, 3 treatments which is the max and it helped tremendously BUT years later, the acne and cysts came back and i ran out of insurance. i still get acne and after much research, here's what i do.... hope it helps for you. acne/cysts, i believe happen internally and then they push their way to the surface ending up on your face. so we have to fight it both internally and externally. have you heard of pantothenic acid or b5? this along
  10. yup, been there done that....cysts are a bitch and they hurt. i have tried an internal approach with my acne as of late. B5, known as pantothenic acid and evening primrose gel tabs. google both of these and read up on them. i get those painful cysts along my jawline and chin. they have caused me great pain, discomfort and embarassment. i am 47 and still get this crap. i have noticed that i break out horribly a week before my period so now i up my dosage of b5 and primrose at that time and pay s
  11. I only rubbing alcohol on my trouble spots like chin and near my nose. but if works for you, go for it but i would be careful. watch your skin and keep a journal, if you can.
  12. i am so happy for you! i am 47 and have had terrible cystic acne since 19!!!! i still get it but no longer have medical insurance so i approach it holistically with B5, EPR, etc. i hope it continues to work for you. this acne thing is no joke and is VERY DEPRESSING.
  13. i used moisturizer after taz, seems to work ok for me.
  14. all u need to do is wash them in warm water and soap-not just the lenses but the whole eyeglass, including the nose piece, the "arms" and parts that go behind your ears. dry with paper towel. wash at least weekly. i wear glasses too.
  15. please tell me where u got your cephalexin? my derm prescribed it for me but that's when i had medical insurance. now i have none and need some help with my cysts. l