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  1. 25 y.o. male here and I have been getting pimples on my scalp for about 2 years now. I WAS using a tea tree wax, this is when i started noticing the acne on my scalp, i stopped using it and definately noticed a difference, so now i'm using gel in my hair. when I had gone to the derm a year or so ago i told her and she suggested using a dandruff shampoo, this worked at first but i stopped noticing a difference and now i;m just using a suave shampoo and can't tell a difference between the two.
  2. well now it's definetly been a long time... over all my skin hasn't been too bad at all, but within the past week i went snowboarding and wore a beanie all week, and my forehead broke out quite a bit, and i have never had any problems w/ that area, so i'm thinking that it is due to the irritation from a winter hat. so i have not been wearing one and it seems to be clearing up... during the winter my skin seems to get worse, i guess it's due to the dryness in the air and the cold temps? oh we
  3. i need to pick up my prescription (doxycycline) i really think this has helped my acne a lot, but it ran out a few days ago...i know i said it awhile ago but i really need tow ork on my sleep schedule...i'm not getting enough. oh well a few small pimples ahve come up nothing to kick upa fuss over though...i'll report more later.
  4. well i haven't posted in quite some time, been so busy w/ work, school and everything else...not to mention i just got my computer online... good news though, my face has remained pretty clear, i think the doxycycline has helped a bit, i'm really hoping it keeps it up! i have very few red marks on my face from older acne, nothing major but i'm hoping that if the current trend keeps up they will fade... well it's good to be back
  5. Day 13 went to the derm yesterday, i got put on doxycycline. she thinks that will get rid of the few breakouts i've been having on my face and scalp, hopefully it will work...other than that i'll keep doing what i'm doing. i had a few new small pimples form, nothing major...yesterday was real hot and kind of a lousy day i'm wondering if maybe stress + the weather contributed to them...well that's about it for now, i'm out
  6. Day 12 i haven't updated in a few days, but over the weekend my skin was pretty clear, yesterday i could feel a small pimple forming over my lip so i iced it a few times throughout the day. it came toa head over night and i gently squeezed all the nasty goo out...well i'm moving in a few days so i'm not sure how much i'll be updating, until then i hope this keeps up!!
  7. i bought some a week or so ago, and i found it to be very irritating, it's very, VERY rough, i'd like to know what other alternatives there are...
  8. Day 9 errrr i think... my face is looking pretty clear, yesterday i spent some time at the beach, so i got a little sun burned...i noticed yesterday that i can feel a cyst developing under the skin on my chin, although i don't think it will break the surface. i held and ice cube (wrapped in a face cloth) on it two times yesterday, for five minutes. i just woke up and it feel like it has started to go away a bit, but i'll still ice it a few times today and apply some extra BP... hopefully this
  9. Day 7 a few small pimples seemed to have formed, nothing to kick up a fuss over though, as long as i leave them alone they should be fine. also it feels as if something may be forming underneath where i had the moderate cyst last week, again, i'll just leave it alone and see what happens... i'll shave tomorrow morning after i shower, that usually helps clear me up...
  10. Day 6 well so far so good, my face is pretty clear, no new pimples forming, gotta get to bed early, hardly any sleep last night, i really need to start getting on a regular sleep schedule....i think that will be a factor in clearing up my skin also. just washed up and that's it i'm out!
  11. well, so far so good, that moderate sized cyst completely disappeared (friday i was in my pool, and in the sun for a bit, so i think that helped) and no new breakouts.... i think a good portion of this is your attitude, and how you look at the problem.... p.s. im not going to continue to use the st. ives apricot scrub.... --what other ways are there to exfoliate??????