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  1. Day 56 Face is looking good. Not really any acne and rashes continuing to fade. I decided to test the arm out last night and play my normal position of left center. I havnt played anything but 1st and 2nd since tearing my rotator cuff last summer. The first few throws shot a sharp pain down my arm but after it got loosened up i didnt really feel anything. Today is a different story. Pretty much any movement causes a little pain. Its more than likely scar tissue that built up, but any surg
  2. Day 55 Another good day. The rashes continue to fade. The little blistery bumps that covered both sides of my cheeks are all but gone. The only thing left is some redness so my skin tone looks uneven but I can live with that for awhile. Im just glad I have figured this out and it is becoming less noticeable every day. As for the acne a tiny white head on my right cheek and thats it. The acne looking red spots on my chest and upper arms turned out to be irritation from the detergent. So t
  3. Day 54 So i wanted to be 100% sure that i figured out my rashes so I conducted a a little home skin patch test. I put a little spot of Tide on the one side of my stomach and a hypoalergenic, fragrance free detergent that i picked up last night on the other side. I covered both up with some gauze and tape. Sure enough a small rash had developed under the tide and nothing under the hypoalerginic (the control detergent.) I did get something out of chemistry class. So now its just a waiting game
  4. thats the way it goes...everybody is their own worst critic. Its a slow process but im glad to see that you relive that your making improvements. Just think in a few months you wont even be thinking about your acne.
  5. Day 53 DING DING DING...WE HAVE A WINNER. The detergent was my nemesis. After washing all my clothes and sheets with hot water last night and taking benadryl and prednisone the rashes are about 50% gone. Not to mention that my acne is almost no where to be seen. This is by far the best day i have had in the last two months. Hope everybody has a good weekend. Accutane:53 days down...97 to go
  6. IB is initial breakout. For a lot of people their acne gets worse when they first start their accutane treamtent. Some people dont get it...others it gets worse for the first some even two months and beyond. It all depends on how your body reacts to the drug. Good luck with your course. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones where it starts to improve right off the bat.
  7. Day 52 All right Acne doin pretty good...one active on the back of my neck and some fading red marks here there and thats about it. Rash update. Well writing a book on how I thought it was from dairy in my last post was a waste of time. Thats a relief to me that its not dairy. I attempted to go grocery shopping last night and almost every regular thing i buy has dairy in it. Here is my new shot at what causing it. So since im done with school and have nothing to do for a few days i decided
  8. The results from only one month will probly only last a very very short while...until the accutane is out of your system. My guess is you will probly end up right back where you were before you started the second course. What side effects are you having trouble with?
  9. Day 51 So I took the 30 minute trip upstate to see my derm this morning. I showed him the pics that were in my last post and he said it is a possibility that a food could be causing it. To my surprise I was able to get him to write me up another three week course of prednisone. Im going to continue to avoid all dairy. So if it clears up in the next 3 or 4 days, I will be pretty sure I have developed in allergy to dairy. Double edged sword on this one. I will have figured out what is causin
  10. Hang in there...there has been others on this site that didnt see any results till the last 2 months or even month and finished with clear skin. Thats a crazy high dosage though...the biggest I've seen.
  11. Congrats on nearing the end of you course man. I dont think it matter how you take but I would probly take one a day instead of missing day. My logic is its probly better to have constant intake rather than missing a couple days but like I said it shouldnt matter.
  12. Day 50 This post mostly applies to my irritation/rash and just a little acne. After a 10 day hiatus, Im back. Lets do an update shall we. I have been off prednisone for about a week now and the acne is doin OK. Left side pretty much clear...right side has 3-4 actives. As for the rashes on my face. Prednisone didnt clear them as anticipated. This left me to believe that what ever is causing them was still present during the prednisone treatment. Shaving does not seem to be the culprit
  13. Just wondering how long you can go without taking your accutane during your treatment without it affecting the entire course? 1 week? 2 week?
  14. Day 45 Well I didnt stay away as long as i anticipated. I ran into a small problem. I went to make my next dermo appointment and for whatever reason the man is swamped right now and cant get in before i run out of the tane. I will end up missing either 3 or 4 days. Does anyone one know how wide the window is that you can miss doses without it affecting the treatment? I really cant go through another IB so if necessary I will some how get my self in earlier. Has anyone missed 3 or 4 days wit
  15. Day 43 Well not much to report...I forgot to take my lyp syl with me to work last night which sucked but i made it through. I probly will cut my updates down to weekly unless something dramatic happens, hoping against that though. Ill still be dropping for visits though. I have one week left on my prednisone prescription so im hoping im through breaking out by then but time will tell. On another note i am getting my haircut tomorrow for the first time in 2 1/2 months. I have enjoyed the lo