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  1. i take immuran, which is an immuno supressor for a totally unrelated thing. but since it does augment the immune system i was wondering if anyone knew if it caused outbreaks, since now they are generally worse.
  2. k thanks alot, my skin is already looking better from the previous few days of BP and other stuff, i hope this can end it
  3. duac is 5% bp and 1% anti bioatic, any comments? anyone try it? my doc gave it to me today.... i was wondering what you guys thought
  4. anyone ever try this? my doc prescribed it today and said it should begin to work in a few days , apply that in the morn and the differin cream at night using ceipehial <sp> clenser both times and moustirzing... any thoughts? please tell me about duac....
  5. ok so after 2 days of BP my little knot bump thing on my chin has gone down, and im going to see the doctor tomorrow, compared to most people i dunno, i may have overreacted, i only have 2 little small pimples on my left cheek and a bump the size of the little red light on the tv, but better safe than sorry, i have NOXEMA has a clenser, BP and RETIN, and then NEUTROGENA mositruzer the bluish bottle, hopefully i can get some antiboiatics tomorrow and say goodbye to acne for long time
  6. well i put on the BP, maybe a bit to much about half a finger just on my cheeks and chin and then it BURNT like a mother for 10 minutes and when i found a little mositurizer from a hotel and i used that and it burnt even more, but now it feels like the heat is escaping from my face, i just sure hope the redness goes away soon....
  7. errrr i have that orangy looking NETUROGENA clensing bar and then the bp, but i just started yesterday, i will go get a mostirurizer tomorrow, which should i get? my skin is fairly sensitive, when i use retin-a i usually for SOME reason have dry skin just around my chin and right under my nose, so which mostriuzer should i get? thanks alot
  8. i have the BP, but is noxema considered a mostiurizer, i always thought you were suppose to wash noxema out after it was put on your face but then you'd be washing away the bp,.... any thoughts? or do i need to go buy a new mositurizer
  9. cool, i got that kind, also does tooth paste work?
  10. is this the neosporin that is all white like a cream substance or the old neosporin that is more like a clear oily thing