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  1. Hey, Beautifulday i just got my 2%BHA Gel in anda was wondering how much do you apply to your face, a good dime size? quarter size? i think i used to much, was left with a sticky residue
  2. So ive been using PC for little over a week now, about 11 days to be exact. In the shower ive been noticing that im starting to get these tiny bumps on my face, mostly on my lower cheek along the jaw line. Theyre not visible, unless you look at them close up in direct sunlight. Im also getting little tiny white heads that only last about a day or two as well. I was wondering if anyone else got these during there first month of PC usuage, is this what i should be expecting during the "purging
  3. Hello, i had a question for you BeautifulDay, i recently purchased the cleasner, toner, bha lotion, and the sunscreen. While the Cleanser and Toner are really great, it seems that im getting residue and that the lotion is asorbing fast enough and is leaving somewhat of a residue applying it after the toner. I was just wondering if you get this as well? Im thinking about ordering the Gel to replace the lotion. Also did you / anyone buy any of the moisturizers from PC? Thanks!
  4. could it be that its actually working and just making the blackheads come out so it'll be easier to extract? as long as you didnt break out. then id say theyre getting the job done.
  5. i had a question to this as well, for the people that goes to the gym in the morning, do you just wash your face with water, then shower after the workout and apply all the acne products? cause i was wondering if that would cause breakouts or not.
  6. guess i'll guess it a month or 2 more then head to a derma myself and hopefully they'll know what it is
  7. a plastic surgeon? people break out all over after recieving the shot?
  8. i thought cysts were painful? what i got is just a red mark, that seems a little raised baiscially a pimple wound. but just taking its sweet time living on my nose. i'll probably go and try to see a derma sometime in a month or 2 if it doesnt fade. BTW did you call your derma and he told you to come back in 3 months?
  9. hm..where would you have to go to get it altered? actually....im getting sick of this mark too
  10. it'll probably go away, just taking hella a long time. we probably wont see any improvements till like the 4th month then it'll start healing. hopefully. i believe i hade 3 of these right below my eye on my cheek, last december although i didnt notice them much it looked like the one currently on my nose and cleared up, cant really see anything anymore. and i forgot how long it took for them to clear up.
  11. "It's inflammatory tissue. It may be permanent. It may not be. Maybe it'll scar. Maybe it won't. Maybe it'll leave no trace. Maybe it will. It might get less red. It might not." that is bs, god damn so all we gotta do now is wait even longer to see what the result is?