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  1. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid work for me. Mine are fading now, since I've been using an SA wash and GA lotion, but I was the lotion off after the sensation stops.
  2. The birth control CAUSED the problem. Why would you want to go back on it? It will only keep returning every time you come off of it again. I've heard about women in their 30's getting acne after coming off the pill. Stop while your ahead. I went on bcp, BIG mistake. Only, in my case it jacked my skin up when I started them. Now I'm off of them my skin is finally clearing.
  3. This is stupid. His acne was probably barely mild.. How the hell do you expect this to work on moderate to severe cases?!
  4. No, it just another one of those stupid Myths.
  5. Keep icing it every nightand apply cold BP to the area, even if its wet from the ice.
  6. All Dan's regimen consists of is a simple cleasner, BP treatment and a simple moisturizer. Simple cleanser, you can purchase from most drugstores (boots etc).. The actual Simple brand does one in a green bottle. BP gel you can ask for at a chemist desk. Ask for 2.5% gel, its about £5. And then a simple moisturiser, same as the cleasner from the Simple brand. It saves you paying £40 for delivery from America.
  7. Well they only have one active ingrediant (Glycolic acid) so they aren't bad. I bought their 15% Glycolic acid serum. Works pretty well. Look at the reviews people leave aswell.
  8. You can buy BP gel products from most Chemists in the UK. Even Boots do one for about £5. I'm using the Oxy 10% at the moment.
  9. Hey. I'm from the UK and you can get good glycolic acid (AHA) products from http://www.bravuralondon.co.uk/
  10. I think the flesh on your forehead is a lot thinner than on your face. So your pores aren't as deep and its easy to clean and treat.
  11. Yeah its just a pore that was clogged causing it to swell slightly. I've had 2 of those now, one on each cheek and now they are turning into zits.
  12. Whatever. Dairy or no dairy you will still have acne.
  13. The error people make is having 2 active ingrediants in one product. Like your cleanser. Making both ingrediants not as effective and maybe even harsh on the skin. Just to let you know. But, whatever worked for you, I'm glad. And I hope this could help others aswell.
  14. I need a gentle face wash (NOT SCRUB) that contains 2% salicylic acid. It needs to be something I can purchase at a local drugstore. I am from the UK. I also need an 8-10% glycolic acid product. I don't really mind if this is online, but its preferable if from a drugstore. Thanks!!
  15. Yeah I hear things about fatter people not having acne. Theres a thread about it somewhere.. I believe its to do with metabolism. If you have faster metabolism, your food doesn't digest all the nutrients, and if you have a slow metabolism it digests everything, thus gaining weight and nutrients. Well, something like that. I'm no scientist but thats my basic theory.
  16. I stopped taking dianette because it did the same to me. It RUINED my skin. I took it for FOUR MONTHS and it did nothing but make my skin worse. I've been off it now for almost a week and don't plan on taking any BCP's again. They are just temporary fixes!! You are only clear (if they work for you) whilst you are ON them. Once you come off it will be like hitting puberty again, no matter what age you are. They just mess with your hormones. I am only 17 and I know if I took them any longer, they
  17. Well what do you eat for breakfast now then? What do you eat to replace bread?
  18. I've heard it works well applied to the skin. But was wondering if and how whilst you use BP? Thanks.
  19. Thanks for your long, imformative response. I don't take BCP anymore. I'm on my 6th day without it. I have noticed I have a few new pimples, but nothing major really. So about ACV.. Did it really help? How do you use it? I orally take it but don't apply it to the skin.
  20. That was really lovely of you to write that message. Thanks for making me feel better. =) And is the whole filtered water thing really true? How can tap water break you out? Lol.
  21. So I would have to wash in COLD water? Thats not going to clean anything.. Plus.. A cold shower is awful!
  22. Wow, thats lucky. So you've came off now? How did your skin react?
  23. Hi, thanks for your help. I am planning to stop taking them (well, I have now) because they flared my acne up so bad, compared to the few pimples I had to begin with. I've used them for over 3 months, yes. I have seen NO improvement, like I said, just worsening of my acne. Its obvious that this hormone treatment doesn't work for me. It may in the long run, but I don't want to go there, if you read the above posts. I am definately not going to change to another BCP. I am staying off of them for