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  1. Vaseline. < ignore that you have to use your finger lol
  2. mmmm Im just sure.. i done a search on google for "red mark" treatment, and baking soda came up, so i dont see why not? google first just to make sre it dont irratate your skin. i think you have to mix baking soda with water so its a paste then wash it off
  3. I get the same occasionaly mate just perservere.. sometime after a wank it kills aswell LOL and sometimes when I piss but yeah it isnt that bad dont happen to often. Just keep up with it mate
  4. yeah thats fine.. aslong as they aint massive.. everyone gets pimples now and then even on accutane
  5. Im coming off accutane on friday, which was a shock to me as i've got loads of red marks.. but the derm said there only REALLY red cause the accutane makes it inflamed, makes it look worse etc? i was wondering when im coming of them on friday how long does it take to get out the system?
  6. I was wondering if anyone else has dark eyes while on accutane, looks like a bruise underneath ur eyes? I've got them quite bad and i swear to god i hope it is the accutane.
  7. oki doke its a deal :D

  8. I know ill add you tomorrow cause your email is on this page :)

  9. Hehe not in the sexual way btw, just to get that clear :D Suree i do :D Msn it shall we ? x

  10. If you want to lil lady

  11. Maybe we should cam together some time ;) jokes :P

  12. Proves our FACEZ are gettin better woooo

  13. haha same! Normall you have to change the brightness and that, but now i can set it to default lol :D

  14. goodd yeh my face is alright changes day by day haha yeh i go on webcam too dont av to change it blurry anymore ;P