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  1. I am going to be starting accutane on thur. and was wondering what do you guys do regimen wise on and after tane? I am also, confused on what shampoo to use? thanks for the help guys.
  2. Ok so heres how it goes I wanna take accutane and my doctor wants to put me on it but my dad won't let me take it yet. I think he will budge tho if I can convince him a little or show a good accutane website. so help me out guys. thanks
  3. no your derm. stupid you cant use differin and BP at the same time cuz they cancel each other out.
  4. Ok to start I am 17 years old acne on my face and i a cyst once in a while. But let me cut to the chase. next my face for all the conbination of medichines is red like a tomato. I think BP kills my skin and works ok, so I would like to try other treatments, but i still need to kill the p. acne tho. hers my current regimen: a.m. wash with clearasil daily face wash, then stridex pads w/2%SA, then finally dual action moisterzutier w/.5%SA. P.M. wash face with clearasil daily face wash again. s
  5. I was thinking about trying stopacne.com kit it looks pretty good. I am not sure it it well work tho.
  6. Do anyone know flipside? I was wondering how he's doing with this skintactix regimen and wanted to know if he would recommended it? or if anyone know a way I can e-mail him? thanks and be the way my e-mail's [email protected]
  7. hows ur progress coming? also would you recommend trying this over BP and SA? thanks man.
  8. I was wondering how you are doing on the skintactix acne system? I also, wondering if you recommend giving it a try over BP and SA which I use now? Also, has your skin gotten better? thanks