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  1. how do you needle the side of your face? It seems kind of hard to do, I'm worried I would miss a lot.
  2. Yeah, what's up with that? I've heard about a few MMA guys committing suicide on the news. I just figured they were roided up. Why aren't boxers killing themselves? Weird.
  3. Copper peptides and topical Vitamin C supposedly negate each other. If you use both, use them 12 hours apart.
  4. Could you elaborate on this Wynne? I have similar scars from the years of cystic acne and would like to understand the science of them just fading over time. Also, doesn't Retin-A-Micro just slough off a layer of skin to give the appearance of the scars fading? Those of us that are or were on Accutane have had this sloughing effect anyway. So how would Retin-A-Micro help us? I'm not sure if I agree with Wynne but here is some info about Retin-A. I got it from here: http://www.your
  5. Seal doesn't have acne scars. He has fame, fortune, talent and a good physique. But even without his scars I think he's kind of ugly. So if the purpose of this post was to prove that you can still attract a partner without the best looking face, I agree.
  6. I recently bought an HD video camera. Of course the first thing I did with it is check out my face, bad idea. I was starting to get a little more confidence about my scarring but the camera totally ruined it All I could think is, how the heck did it ever get this bad. Oh well, I'll mostly be behind the camera taking the video, so I won't have to worry about seeing myself too much.
  7. I'm a little confused. You say no one knows you have an acne problem. Do you mean your mental issue with acne? You break out in between treatments. But you are satisfied with your skin when you are on treatment. Why can't you just continue your treatments? I am also into my 30s and I spent my 20s thinking I would be through with acne by the time I reached this age. No one in my family has acne either. My grandfather who is almost 80 has amazing skin, no wrinkles and I doubt he ever had
  8. Nice try, i appreciate the effort but these guys don't inspire me to feel more comfortable about my skin. These guys don't have bad scarring and they are way above average in looks. But the biggest thing is, they don't have acne scars. I think some types of scars can actually look cool. Like if you have a slashing scar from a fight or something like that. On the other hand, there is nothing cool or manly about acne scars. They are pitted and give your face a crumbly appearance. Plus, even
  9. Overall acne has definitely made me a worse person. It has inhibited me throughout most of my life from fully realizing my potential. But in keeping with the spirit of the thread, I suppose I am more empathetic bc of acne. Not that I was a jerk before, but acne has made me more sensitive to people's feelings, especially people's feelings about their appearance and body issues.
  10. If you have acne or acne scars you can't be a punk. Life isn't always easy and acne makes it worse. You have to be mentally tough. Learn to be resilient, be a fighter. With our skin condition it's easy to get down. But you can't quit and let yourself feel down all the time. Quitting is too easy. If you make the best of your situation, stop worrying so much about what others think, and just keep doing and fighting then things can get better. I get down too once in a while but I don't thin
  11. If it's just discoloration and there are no indentations that's good. Look into a laser treatment to even your skin tone. Fraxel:restore might work but it's expensive.
  12. CO2 sounds great. My only questions are how long do the effects last and what damage are you doing to your skin in the long run. I have read that the effects last about 4 years and then your skin will start saggining again and the scars may start looking as bad as they used to. I suppose you can get another CO2 at that point but how many CO2s can a person have?
  13. Sam, 1 big scar on the cheek, sounds like a punch excision might do the trick.
  14. Copper peptides or retin-A. Not sure if the 2 can be used together. Copper peptides can be bought without a prescription. Also take fish oils. They are good foe you anyway, so at worst your are being healthy.
  15. He wanted to charge $2000 for the excision or was it the excision plus laser treatments? Was he at least willing to do the excision? What type of scars do you have and where? I'm curious about this procedure too. Is this something that is best for one or two deep isolated scars? Cn these performed anywhere on the face? What about scars below the ear, the tissue on the neck is thin? I guess I should email some docs too. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just thinking out loud I guess. Ple