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  1. Hey, sorry to see that your IB is still plagueing you. Did your derm up your dosage or has it been consistent all the way through? I personally use clindette pads that i have left over and I use them like once every 2-3 days which appears to be helping slightly. If I use it any more than that the dryness comes into play.
  2. Yeah me either. I did 40 for a month which seemed to be working a little slowly but working. I'll keep you guys posted how 60 mg fairs.
  3. lol ofc I'm talking about accutane. I guess thats normal then, 80 must be for cystic acne I'd assume?
  4. Basically I was doing the 40 mg once a day and now just after my appointment today I am going to be taking 2x 30 mg pills a day. I thought it was either 80 mg or 40 lol? Anyone else taking 60 mg? And is upping the amount I'm taking going to bring another breakout or what did you guys experience?
  5. honestly, I would never flame on this message board because we all share a common problem, but you sir are an idiot. Why would you stop taking it for 3 weeks? You just wasted all that time for nothing. Based on what my dermatologist told me accutane is in your system for 2 weeks from the day you stop taking it, so therefore it completely removed itself / effectiveness in that time span, and building it up again would probably take a whole nother' cycle. I'm also an athlete and I work out 5 t
  6. I am probably on about the same day you are (this will be day 31 today) and my initial breakout stopped around a week and a 1/2 ago. I also have a lot of redmarks I never really had before taking accutane. My best advice I can give to you is to start taking Vitamin E (walgreens brand is like $5 for a 3 month supply) and hang in there. I actually looked a lot better pre-accutane, but there was one day on accutane where I never looked as good as I did that day so I have hope that this is the
  7. well for me it was around week 2 - week 4 .. granted i've only taken it 30 days. But its calmed down substantially so.
  8. Hmm alright good to know. How bad was your acne orgionally? I believe I was diagnosed as moderate although the only areas that are bad for me are from the upper left / right sides of my forehead to about eye level. Ofc, I used all the anti-biotics and all that, which did absolutely nothing. But yeah let me know, its nice to have someone who can relate to this experience!
  9. I had the same experience as manduh , around mid week 4 my IB stopped and it appears to be getting better as the days pass.
  10. I started taking vitamin E about 3 weeks ago (1 week after I started accutane) and I'm pretty sure I already see a light decrease in redness. Plus when my skin gets really dry and I moisturize it, it seems a bit stronger than it used to be.
  11. well to be honest, in my experiences, it took around 10 days for my skin to get dry. I think i've always had oily skin though, more than most. I had mild-moderate persistent acne and I'm currently on day 30. If you do get an initial breakout, bear with it for about 2 weeks. Mine started around day 10 and subsided around day 23 -25 ish. I'm not sure if this is a miracle cure or not, but I did notice that my mild acne is not coming in at all. The areas where I would have a little bit of brea
  12. I noticed a few weird things lol. One .. early on (like the first 2 weeks) I felt like my blackheads literally ejected themselves from my skin. Is that normal? It hasn't happened since but it was pretty weird they would scab up and disapear a few days later. Also the initial breakout, how long does it typically last? I noticed for the first 3 weeks or so it was bad but it appears to be calming down now in week 5. With the ipledge program I couldn't figure out how to do it online (my derm a
  13. Hey guys. I'm new here, but I've fully read the fifteen or so page on Accutane and everyone's experiences. I'm a 22 year old male who's ready to make the change! Well after using the typical antibiotic treatments I was prescribed accutane and took my first pill today. Now, naturally, I have some concerns, but I'd like input from someone who has taken the drug or someone that feels they could help me out. For starters I know I have to moisturize and even on Day 1 I've already started. Would