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  1. I would recommend a gentle cleanser without SA since you're already drying pretty badly from Tazorac. Cetaphil works wonders. For the dryness, just apply moisturizer directly after showering.
  2. Accutane is generally a safe drug to use. With proper guidance and routine check-ups, you will not be harmed in any way. Accutane is the only 100% cure for acne. Good luck, Ciudad.
  3. Thank you. I take Vitamin A and Zinc and am thinking about moving to Omega fatty acids, too.
  4. The truth in this statement: Very little. I'm not sure what kind of sleeping pills you've learned about, but usually sleeping pills marketed in pharmacies or grocery stores contain nothing more than an antihistamine which will NOT disturb your REM cycle. If anything, the medication should keep you asleep for the entire duration of your REM sleep. Whether you're aware of it or not, chances are you wake up during your REM sleep and interfere with the process. As for sleeping too little, yes
  5. Your face is probably red because the amounts of alcohol in the toner, chances are that's what it contains. Try to limit the use of the toner.
  6. Your body won't even use half of that. What the body does not use in vitamin C, it will dispose of. I've tried vitamin C, but it doesn't have such a dramatic affect on the skin, and you will normally ingest enough vitamin C in your foods daily. What you may want to try is a multivitamin and vitamin E & A supplements. Good luck.
  7. Try to avoid washing your face 2-3 times a day. I've found that upon waking up and before going to sleep are the best times, and be very gentle, that must be stressed. Two days is quite a short amount of time for an improvement, but I can lend advice. If you have an event in two days, just keep up your normal regimen, and get enough sleep before the event. If you're like me and only get 4 and a half hours of sleep at night on weekdays, you may want to also consider taking naps throughout the d