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  1. Which kind of mineral makeup did you try? I've noticed that some "mineral foundations" still contain talc and other things which irritate the skin and can still clog pores. I use Bare Escentuals mineral powder and found that it actually helped clear my skin up and reduce oiliness. If you haven't already tried it I would definitely recommend it!
  2. I've been using Dan's benzoyl peroxide for about a month, and have found it to work the best out of any products I have ever tried. I'm 19 now and my skin is now clear and happy for the first time since I was 13!!
  3. I did not purchase the starter kit, but instead started with the just the BP, and whatever else I normally use. I figured that if I introduce one product at a time into my regimen, then I would be able to tell which, if any of the products, are doing more bad than good. So far, I am still just using the BP but I am happy to say my face is now clearer than it has ever been!! I tried the samples of the moisturizer and cleanser, and found the cleanser to be drying for my skin, so my next step is to