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  1. alright! ill try it when i get paid tomorrow. I trust you, gazzi, as a fellow canadian! hehe
  2. Thanks Dan and Thanks everyone else. Im going to try to find that Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15. I live in Canada so im not sure if we have that product, but I will check. I guess I want to know what Im looking for in a moisturiser. What should be in it?
  3. Well the thing is, is that most moisturisers make me break out. During the day my face collects oil, especially if its a humid day or i'm in a car for like 6 hours, and I break out. So if I don't use it, you are saying that the dry skin will just produce more oil?
  4. I was wondering if you can kind of warp the regimen to what fits you, or do you have to follow it exactly how Dan does it? I ask this because I only use the BP gel at night, not twice a day like its said. I also don't moisturise at night because Im not going anywhere so I dont need it. Is this okay? or will I only achieve great skin following Dan's Regimen to a "t"?
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  6. St Ives fucks my skin up bad. hehe. I use Viche's exfoliator and its pretty good. I also think that some poeple shouild take a break from the regimen. After my skin clears totally up right now, im going to take a break for a bit. My skin is defientely getting flakey though and i didnt moisturise at the beginning because it wasnt. Now I have to go out and buy a good moisturiser. Whats the key incredient I should look for in a moistureiser guys? Also this bar of soap you are talking about.
  7. ouch. Do you have to use it all over your face? I wouldnt suggest putting BP where you dont have acne. I just put it on my chin and my t-zone. Also, try and use less at first. That is what I was told.
  8. ive been doing it for a week and its really closed up the acne i had. I just had a couple spots but its really helped. My face is a tad dry but im willing to put up with that
  9. Maybe I'm wrong here but isn't neo-sporin an anti-biotic to heal sores? Therefore, putting that on acne would only put more moisture and crap into the build up of bacteria? Explain.
  10. I dont do the moisturiser with bp. I do the regimen at night without the moisturising part because for me, it just seems to make it worse. My skin doesnt get that dry after using the BP so i just use it at night now instead of doing it twice a day.