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  1. Sounds like your right on course, I just finished up and I know it will go so fast and you will be done. To many people in todays world think the opposite of success is failure but rather it is settling. You said in the beginning you were tired of being mediocre and I think that motivation will make you go through the small failures to get to the success you want. Good luck man keep going strong
  2. I officially took my last pill today. The doc gave me a choice of going for the 6th month or stoppping, of course I said stop. I have had nothing new come up for the past 2 months. And she said the red marks will still take 6-12months which isn't bad at all. Looking back in the beginning, every day seemed like eternity, now it seems like such a thing of the past. However now that im done the thought of it ever coming back kind of scares me but im definitely not going to think about it. The a
  3. Sarting month 5, doc is still going to keep me on for 6 months. I just keep getting clearer and nothing new coming up so i guess there is really not to much to say. It now seems to be a thing of the past and now not having to look in the mirror and make sure everything looks good. Everything in life has to get worse before it gets better and accutane is exactly the same. Got a compliment from lady at derm office desk but im pretty sure she was "paid" to say that hah. Still waiting for a lady t
  4. Thanks Giselle and Nike for checking in, No Nike no comments yet but I do expect them soon cause its really starting to look good. There are still some red marks which will probably take another month or two to completely clear up. Im about to go to see the doc for the start of month 5 but hoping maybe she will say I dont have to do a sixth, ill just have to wait and see. It already seems so long ago when my face was probably the worse its been now by far the best which was two months ago. Im
  5. Hey best of luck to you while your on the course, ill be checking in often to see how things are going. You seem like since you've been through it once you will fly through this too and hopefully for the last time. P.S. how do i make girls buy me drinks in the club =D
  6. Please slow down the replies there are too many to respond to =D As long as people get what they need from it getting replies isn't a big deal. Things are going exceptionally well right now. I imagine in less the a month all my red marks will be gone as well just seeing the progress.
  7. Well I added some pics on my first post. Over my trip I ran out of pills so I wont be putting down the days anymore just tell you where I am each month. Start 4th month I guess I started posting alot less as things get better, but I think that's how everyone is, because the beginning is so day and each day is a battle. I plan to give another update middle of this month. Ive been struggling with drinking lately as well. Because I never really drank before now I just turned 21 and it seems im
  8. I definitely understand what your going through. Im nearly done month 3 and just recently probably last 3 or 4 weeks my face was the worse it has ever been. But I was only looking ahead and knew I had to go through this to get the results. Now my face is almost the best it has been in the past 5 years. Keep strong.
  9. Thanks Zech Well here I plan to make a pretty lengthy post as I have a few things to say. Day 85 Tomorrow Im off to Colorado for some skiing/snow boarding which should be fun and i'll post pics as soon as I get back. My confidence has been rising every single day as my face is very smooth and nothing new is really coming out at all. Just more time before all the red marks will be gone. Its been almost 3 months and like everyone else it has been a roller coaster but its worth it. Ive gone
  10. Since I will be out of town there will be a 5 day stretch I will have no pills. Would it be better to stay the course and have nothing for 5 days, or split up the pills and take 1 40mg for 10 days. I dont think either way is a big deal but just wanted to get some input.
  11. Day 78 Thanks nike for checkin in. Things are going well. As im having noticeable progress now. My face I believe now is about where it was pre-accutane which isnt that bad. Still waiting on the first comment about my face in the coming months ive heard so many people talk about (not from my mom). My skin has been doing well here even through the cold weather by not peeling or anything. Ill post new pics when I get back from my trip around the 27th.
  12. ummm month and half straight was pretty bad for me
  13. Keep staying positive and keep us updated = win Glad to see the Vols firing the coach and moving in a new direction any stadium that holds 110k needs to do well =D
  14. Thanks NY and Persisted for checking in. Later this month ill be going skiing in Colorado, really not sure how my skin will react, and cant begin imagining how ill be putting chapstick on constantly, any ideas from people from colder climates on how to deal with this.
  15. Good luck man, keep staying positive. Im on day 79 or so and finally starting to see some better results, although its different for everyone